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Five Magic Words to the Road of Success and Freedom

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Posted 5th November 2008 at 06:22 PM by Lifedreamer

The alarm clock goes off and we drag ourselves out of bed and go do the same job day after day. We go to a job where we have to answer to a boss. The company we work for offers a couple weeks vacation every year and after five years of service they may pay into a retirement plan for us. Our company CEO says they need to cut back on cost, so there will be no raises this year. As our bosses speak of possible lay offs and maybe a closure of the company, fear and anxiety overcomes us. We wonder how will we pay our bills and even put food on the table for our families. We live in fear and despair wondering if our life's will ever change to one of happiness and abundance. How will we change our life's? What can we do to have more money in the bank and maybe have that new car we have been wanting for the past five years. We are in constant turmoil with our thoughts. We know our country's economy is in a crisis, so how can we even think we will ever have a life full of abundance. We are terrified about our future and do not know if there will even be a tomorrow.
How can we turn our life's around and who can help us? The answers can be found within ourselves. Only we can turn our lives around. We just can not sit around and expect our life's will change on their own. We can not expect that some magician will wave a magic wand over us and are life's will immediately be full of wealth and happiness. We need to step up and look at ourselves and decide how we are going to change our life's.
The five magical words to the road of success and our freedom are " Our thoughts create our life's."
These are five powerful words and each words means we own are own destiny. We have to believe our life's will be full of quality due to the quality of our own thoughts. Let us ponder over this question for awhile. If we could have anything in this world what would it be? The answers might be we dream of sending our children to the best colleges, we may want a new home near the ocean or a Mercedes Benz with leather interior.
How do we achieve these dreams of fulfilling our dreams and desires? How can just changing our thoughts make our life full of abundance? A change in mindset is the key to changing our life's. There are many people who search for success in all the wrong places. We place ourselves with people who have the same thoughts we have. When we realize we want more in our life's then we need to start surrounding ourselves with people who have the same desire to change our mindset. We need to discover ourselves in a whole different way. We need to do a daily rituals and allow ourselves to have what we want in life. We all have been conditioned to think we need to work for our money. We need to think differently and say, money needs to work for us. We need to find a life without limitations and fulfill our dreams and desires.
We are now the students of the five magic words to the road to success and freedom. The teacher has appeared and the secret can be found within ourselves. We need to find the key and unlock the secret to our life treasures. This is not a fairy tale it is reality and we are on our way to a life full of unlimited possibilities. Listen and listen closely our hearts are now singing the tune of joy, love, peace, faith and abundance. Our mindset has changed and we are no longer feeling despair, we are in control of our thoughts and we now own our destiny.

Ann Carron found the five magic words to her road to success and freedom when she listened to the Million Dollar Desire audio, by Lisa Diane. She allowed herself to make changes in her life by discovering she had the desire to have a millionaire mindset. You too can have a millionaire mindset. Visit the following link to get your FREE Million Dollar Desire audio.
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