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How to "Pay it Forward" in Network Marketing

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Posted 8th November 2008 at 05:23 PM by Lifedreamer

How can we ''pay it forward" in Network Marketing? How do we help others to succeed without thinking of a profitable gain? Thousands of dollars are spent daily on people who are trying to find the easy way to make money on line. People purchase every marketing system and find themselves further in debt with nothing to show for it. How can we help each other achieve in such a competitive networking market?

When searching for a network marketing company look for a honest and reputable company who cares about your success in achieving your life goals. Network marketing is about getting to know people. By getting to know people we find out about what their dreams, desires and goals are. Network marketing is about the study of people. What makes people grow physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually? People are not just numbers in network marketing they are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. People join people to be around people who will help them prosper in regards to our whole human realm.

To be successful in network marketing we need to help each other fulfill our dreams. People are attracted to other people for many reasons. We are like magnets pulling ourselves toward people who make us feel comfortable to be with. In network marketing it provides teamwork to succeed. We can not achieve our goals on our own. Remember people join people for a reason. We should help each other by being mentors and assisting others for no profitable gain. We need to become individuals who have hearts which serve others. Providing free mentoring to the newbies in network marketing is an example of paying it forward. There are many entrepreneurs' who are providing free e-books, teleconferences,videos and duplicated blueprints to provide others with the same opportunity to have a successful network marketing business.

What kind of leader would help others achieve their dreams,desires and goals? It is a "pentacle leader" who will pay it forward over and over again. Pentacle leaders characteristics are one of good work ethics, drive, persistence, determination, and compassion. A pentacle leader who earns a six figure income from network marketing will teach someone else how to do the same. They want nothing in return, but to have the individual they mentored do the same for someone else in need of mentoring for success. The chain of reaction of kindness and compassion for others success will continue with the duplicated process.

When searching for a network marketing company look for a pentacle leader who will be a mentor. Someone who is willing to teach the duplicated methods over and over again until others earn a six figure income up to three levels of the same duplication. This kind of leader is a mastermind who seeks out groups of people who are willing to do the same. Paying it forward becomes so contagious when our hearts and souls have the compassion to watch others succeed and fulfill their life dreams, desire and goals. It can be possible to fulfill our life goals by doing good deeds for others who were once in the same boat we were in. Let us spin the wheel of fortune so it lands over and over again on success.

Ann Carron found her road to success and freedom by letting her thoughts create her life. She listened to the Million Dollar Desire audio, by Lisa Diane and she then allowed herself to make changes in her life by discovering she had the desire to have a millionaire mindset. You too can have a millionaire mindset. Visit the following link @ FREE Million Dollar Desire Audio to get your FREE Million Dollar Desire audio. It is time for your dreams to come true. Then you can pay it forward to others in need.
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  1. New Comment
    Dear Life dreamer
    I totally agree with you.
    The level of one's own success depends on how many people we've helped.

    Network marketing is no different. Our product or service needs to be firstly of value to others.

    This is one of the key principles in the eBook "How to Start a Business with no Capital"

    Warmest regards

    Bec Colebourn
    Posted 9th November 2008 at 05:08 AM by traffic know how traffic know how is offline

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