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All I Want For Christmas is More Leads With Web 2.0

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Posted 12th December 2008 at 11:27 PM by Lifedreamer

What do you want for Christmas this year? Is it more leads to build your business? Do you strive to have 50-100 leads each day? How can this be achieved in such a competitive network marketing industry? The answer today is Web 2.0. It describes the changing trends in the use of world wide internet technology and website designs. This technology is used to enhance creativity, communication, secure information sharing, and collaboration and functionality of the web world wide. It has led to the development of culture communities and hosted services, such as video sharing and social networking sites, blogs, wikis and folksonomies.
We ask ourselves why Web 2.0? What was wrong with the old way of marketing? Why use Facebook, My Space, You Tube, Linkedin, Yuwie, Direct Matches, Twitter, or any other social media platform to connect with people and find prospects? The answers is simple just stick around and I will tell you why?
The old way of marketing is no longer in existence. We can continue to do it that way, but we will not get any where fast in making money. In the past our up line told us to go ask our family and friends to join our business adventure. They will not turn us down they are family and friends. Well of course they joined our business, but that is as far as it went. They never purchased the products we were selling, they were just a name on our list.
We were told to put up flyers about our business all over town. People will come running to us from all over to get into our business. Well that never happen no one called. We handed out business cards in restaurants, hair salons, and to strangers on the street. They looked at it and proceeded to threw it in the nearest trash can.
The next step was to start buying leads and then making cold calls all day long. We spent all day making calls and maybe got two prospects. Time was lost and so was money. We worked hard and put more and more money went into our business just to find out we were making no residual income in return. What was the answer to this problem? Should we give up on our dreams to have personal and financial freedom? Should we go back to the corporate world and have our life's dictated to us by a boss?
What could make life easier for network marketer so we could enjoy the life of an entrepreneur, business owner and network marketer? We want freedom and we truly thought we could have it with network marketing. What will we have to do to fulfill our life dream and desires?
There was some serious thinking going on in the internet world to make life easier for the network marketer and also to reach out to people who may learn in different ways. The answer was Web 2.0 with the use of social networking platforms. Today there are several social media platforms available to anyone who wants to expose themselves and their business opportunities to the world. There are several reasons why we need to be active in social media. If you are in any business it is the way to build trusting relationships online. It is place for us to meet other network marketers and build a team of individuals who will become joint venture partners with us. People are connected to other people it is human instinct for people to be attracted to other people. People do not attract themselves to a product, they buy a product because they respect the integrity of who is selling it.
Build your prospect list through attraction marketing by using the social media platforms. Web 2.0 has open the door for any network marketer to reach out to the world and expose any business with any technology which is available. It could be blogging, article writing, videos, podcast, and social networking. It is a whole new internet marketing world out there and there is plenty of competition. So check you Christmas list twice and find out if you have Web 2.0 written down because Santa is on his way to bring you some leads so your business will prosper in the New Year of 2009.

Ann Carron uses web 2.0 to attract prospects to her business. Lisa Diane, a multimillionaire entrepreneur is an expert in the use of Web 2.0 and how it can attract prospects to our business around the clock. Lisa Diane reveals her secret of how she became a multimillionaire in her Million Dollar Desire Audio. Lisa Diane used a six step plan to build a million dollar business called the 6 M Profit Method. Find out how you too can become a millionaire at
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    PhillipOlsson's Avatar
    Awsome advice. Another quick tip would def have to be adding your main website url into posts (The one that tells people all about you and what value you have to offer. Now this dose not mean your company's main site that talks all about what a great product they have, now thats good and all but you need to be marketing you. Think of your business as you incorporated.) The more content rich sites you have linked together with your tags the better your natural positioning in search engines. plus if you have all of your links tagged you can track there stats and see which campaigns are working and which need to be replaced.

    Best wishes to every one in the new year,
    Phillip Olsson

    YouTube - PROCashflow's Channel
    Posted 4th January 2009 at 09:18 PM by PhillipOlsson PhillipOlsson is offline

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