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Managing Information a Better Way…

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Posted 12th August 2016 at 11:52 AM by log69

In many areas of our work, we keep track of information. What happened, when and to whom. Its management might take huge part of our time. It does matter how efficient we can be.

Did you know? It is easy to complicate and hard to simplify things.

The industry trained us to believe that complex things with more functions are better for us implying that they are worth more. It may be true in the case of engineers. But what about people working in other sectors, like salesmen and managers etc? Have you never felt that Excel and Word should have less toolbar icons? :)

I’ve done a research for several years to find out what is wrong with our software tools in our everyday lives. I feel they’re not as easy to use and simple as they should be. I’ve felt it for long.

I realized something that totally goes against the market. We should keep removing functions and features from our tools until we see there is no more left than what we really really need!

Everything has a price. Having more logical abstractions on a user interface costs us a long term weight that we have to keep carrying on and on. What more, we need to increase this weight when new tools come into picture addressing the constantly changing demands of our environment. And it never ends.

It’s like keeping old things and never trash anything. Things keep piling up and by time we remember less of what we actually have and we’re getting less efficient in finding things. So what sense does it make to keep everything if you’ll never find it?

You say you’d organize it. You can do that until a certain level of complexity. And then what? Also it would cost you more and more time as the number of things grows.

In the end when taking workflows into account at companies, we have to raise this whole thing to the Nth power to approach the truth of how complex our lives are.

The Solution:

To be able to simplify your work and life in managing information, you need to change the way you think. That is a first step hard to take ;)

Time line with a so called event approach is a good and important reference point. Whenever something happens, it has a time stamp. We also know who it happened to. Also know what happened exactly.

If you are able to organize things into a simple system where you can filter and sort by these attributes, then you’re far closer to an optimal method in your work than if you were trying to solve everything in your company’s complex ERP system or trying to handle and put everything into files of deep folder hierarchy or grab Excel :)

Do not over complicate things! By nature we try to create structure of structures with many logical references to many things in our concept when trying to satisfy a demand thinking, it would be better that way. That is a mistake that even huge software companies commit. Just take a look at the most popular office programs ;) There are no choices of interfaces. Even if you say you don’t use 5 percent of its functionality, you cannot jump into a cleaner version of its interface. Companies are not able to provide that for you. At least it’s not a common method. Hence this blog post.

Another important question aside from finding single information pieces is to be able to get a bigger picture. To be able to analyze what we stored. Saying other way, to get answers for important questions.

So to get efficient, we need to do 3 things well when managing information:

1) store it
2) search it
3) analyze it

If we find a way and a system to use all of these 3 important functions efficiently and easily, then the base number that we raise to the power will be much less and so the result too, meaning, the level of complexity in our work will decrease dramatically.

You always did anyway how you thought it was the most simple for you and you're right! So why not support your efforts instead of trying to force you to do the way programmers thought it would be best? So here you go, organize anything the way you want ;)

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