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I don't claim to have any magic key that will make you rich.

I can say that I have been sweating the details of making money
online since 1999 and have learned a thing or two.

It is unlikely you will find great life-changing insights in my
ramblings... but who knows, maybe something you read here
is the right puzzle-piece for you at the right time.

Enjoy. Let me know if you dig it.
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Stuck in a RUT? Retrain your brain!

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Posted 7th December 2008 at 12:53 PM by Loren Woirhaye

I'm writing this blog post using the Dvorak keyboard layout.

Still a little awkward and slow, but I am picking up speed
and accuracy. I've been practicing this keyboard layout
for about a month now and should be ready to make the full
transition soon.

For the first time I am truly "touch typing" - because I
have some bad habits with the "standard" QWERTY keyboard
layout which have made getting more than 30 WPM hard for
me... and at that speed I am sloppy.

You are never to old to learn a new skill... and this new
skill is a good one to pick-up - because the Dvorak layout
involves less finger movement it is both faster and less
fatiguing when you get good at it.

Give yourself a chance to grow and develop your brain in
new ways. Dvorak, in addition to it's other benefits is
helping me to get new perspective. I think it could help
you too.
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