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I don't claim to have any magic key that will make you rich.

I can say that I have been sweating the details of making money
online since 1999 and have learned a thing or two.

It is unlikely you will find great life-changing insights in my
ramblings... but who knows, maybe something you read here
is the right puzzle-piece for you at the right time.

Enjoy. Let me know if you dig it.
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Offline GOLD - knowing where to tap

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Posted 22nd January 2009 at 01:30 PM by Loren Woirhaye

Knowing Where to Tap

You guys know the story about the lady who calls an
expert plumber to fix her boiler because other plumbers
couldn't do it?

The guy taps on the pipes, listening carefully. Nods
his head, pulls out a ball-pean hammer and whack the
boiler. Problem solved. Took him 2 minutes.

He takes a break and joins the lady for some coffee while
he writes up the invoice. They chat amiably - yet when
she gets an eyeful of the bill her jaw hits the deck.

"You only spend 2 minutes and you are charging me $200?"
She exclaims.

(at this point we could go into porno territory but that's
not what this is about and you should be ashamed for having
such a dirty mind).

"Well, ma'am," the master plumber drawels,"it's right there
on the invoice - $2 for the tapping and $198 for knowing
where to tap."


Knowing where to tap.

For a long time in this business I had no idea where to
tap. I got better though and now I have a clue.

Today I typed in URL for a business that should be pretty
good at the web. I estimate that their domain-name
is worth about $100,000 just for top-of-mind awareness.

YET - I type in the url "" as I often do in
my sloppy way, expecting my browser to just figure out
I mean - and you knwo what?

It takes me to a page that says this:

Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)

So I'm thinking "What the heck? is the site down? That
could cost them a lotof money with such a great domain

So I type in and up comes their website.


Now the thing is - I know where to tap. I know how easy
it would be to fix their hosting so they aren't leaving
all kinds of lazy people like me thinking is
down... when in reality it's not down, it's just next
door at

All they need is the address painted on the curb. Easy
fix. Could be worth $10k to them this year easily.

How do I approach them and how much do I charge?

Any thoughts. I'm laughing at this and I don't want to
rip anybody off, but seriously, this business is doing
something extremely stupid and I deserve to profit
from the knowledge right?

Seriously, if you have a response I'd love to hear it.
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    Greg guitar's Avatar
    Hey Loren, you make a great point. I think this business is a good candidate for a Jay Abraham style, contingency based joint venture where you ask them if they would be interested in having you help them find untapped sources of revenue in their business, for a share of the increase. There is no reason you couldn't profit for years from showing them how to make thousands more, by picking the low hanging fruit they don't even see; and there are probably other holes you could find besides the one you've identified. You might be doing them a great service!
    Posted 27th July 2009 at 05:14 PM by Greg guitar Greg guitar is offline

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