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The Smart Spammers

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Posted 30th December 2008 at 06:13 AM by Louis Raven

First One's free:
This spam is very annoying as the spammer (and recently a long term Warrior member) has a false sense of security thinking we can't spot it. Basically they start a thread with a basic statement or challenge revealing a few tips on how to accomplish whatever.

Everyone thanks the spammer and he goes on to build a website or blog to accompany the discussion. This is when it turns spammy and drops the bombshell. "you can now follow my progress at (URL) as I update it every day.

See what happen? he gave us a glimmer of knowledge (worm) and once we was hooked and the discussion was healthy and need more we are led to his site which will usually have an opt-in form to spam us some more.

This is not good for a discussion forum. If you have something good to share than do it! DON'T lead us on a path to your spammy website.
Report them!

Video Spam:
I recently noticed the use of YouTube videos in the main forum. Of course this is OK but the latest one was used to spam and was reported accordingly. See just because they didn't use text doesn't mean it wasn't a spammy video with non stop referring to a blog.

Plus.. the main forum isn't a video directory and videos (alone) do not provoke discussion which I'm assuming is a bad thing for a discussion board
Report them!

2 accounts:
Member-A posts a problem he's having regarding making money.

Member-B (same person) posts a spam reply with a link to a website or his signature stating he can make the OP easy money.

You can't prove they're as one person but Member-B is certainly spamming so..
Report him!

OK I'll do it:
Member-A decides to write or sell his product via a WSO but first needs to create some hype. This kind of spammer usually has the product already made but still starts a thread in the main forum disclosing the problem that his new book solves.

A load of Warriors reply and help the OP not realising the underlying motive. A few days pass and loads of Warriors realise they possibly face the same problem and that's when Member-A strikes..

"OK Warriors, thanks for all the help so far. Due to this massive problem and the PM's I've received I see that their is is big problem here. Don't fear, last night I found a solution blah blah blah you can get a copy of my new book but again don't worry as it's a WSO and I'd never make you pay full price as you were the ones originally helping me "

Sig file has link to WSO.
Report the OP!

The Skimmers:
Skimmers are people who search for related threads looking for people with problems and reply with "I've sent you a PM". What happens next is they usually scour Clickbank for a related product and PM the affiliate link.

This kind of spam skimming is very hard to spot but you can usually see a pattern of "I've sent you a PM" replies.
Report them!

Digging your own grave:
These spammers love to dig up old threads and bump them.

It starts with the spammer creating a new product or setting up a new domain with links to an affiliate program and adding a link in his signature. they then use the search function to find all related topics and bump them so more people interested in the topic will see their sig.

This happens way to often for my liking and again the best we can do is..
Report them!

PM Spam:
Do I really have to spell this one out? :p
OK, it's usually new members without any forum posts (Admin, surely there's an option to deny new members from sending PM's right?) and they sign up to WarriorForum and send bulk spam via PM's to members. So far I've not seen an option to report OM spam so just go to their profile and..
Give an infraction!

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