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Is the warrior forum just full of guys taking advantage of peoples desperation for money

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Posted 13th February 2014 at 03:14 AM by Lubo25

In the 1980's the tabloid and even broadsheet newspapers in the UK and in the States were full of MLM schemes and promises of riches.

The only qualifications you needed to achieve sky high earnings were motivation, some spare time and a drive to achieve.

The buzz phrase or question from MLM marketers at that time was "Are you serious or just curious?"

Moving forward thirty years it seems the warrior forum is todays version of that era.

Guys promising riches for little effort. Guys promising great wealth for "copy and pasting tested methods".

My own feeling is that the vast majority of those people making money on here and other similar forums are doing so from the members who continually pay for "secrets" that simply do not exist or for shortcuts which are simply unsustainable.

Every great opportunity has a cost to join the party.

If I could offer you an opportunity to make $10000 a month how much would I sell you that for?

I wouldn't.

Why would I flood a market that I was having untold success in with duplicate efforts? It's all a crock.

People will tell you that they want to share the wealth....what they're really saying is are you able to resist the possibility that you might make money?

Chances are a high percentage of people on here are intelligent enough to make money but can't spot the way to do it. I contend that the main barrier is the desire to get rich quick.

Take the view that it's going to a be a slow build up, income increasing over time and you have greater chance of success.

The next time someone says I'm a six figure earner with a great opportunity stop and think about why this high flyer is wasting time speaking to a forum.

My take is that he simply wants sign up income and his programme or scheme is short termist at best.
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