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How To Buy and Sell Domain Names Part Time For Profit

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Posted 25th March 2016 at 08:25 AM by luciesmazanska

Selling domain names, also known as domain flipping, is a very effective way to generate consistent income online. The process is simple: you purchase domain names for a low price and sell them for a higher price. The best part is that you can flip domain names for profit by only working a few hours per day, allowing you to make money without having to spend hours at your computer every day of the week. Here is how to buy and sell domain names part time for profit:

Finding The Right Domain Names To Buy

There are a few different approaches you can take when buying domain names, but one of the most effective ways is to focus on local domains. When people search for businesses and services online they typically search for “service + city”, for example, “patio installation Dallas”. By finding local domain names that are exact matches to popular services and cities, you can quickly own a lot of domain names that you can sell, usually for around $10 per domain.
One of the keys to this method is to purchase a domain name that is in a city that has enough search traffic to justify a business owner buying the domain name and enough businesses in that area that you can approach multiple companies to make a sale.

Making Domain Name Sales
The key to making money by flipping domain names is to make a sale for more than you paid. If you purchased a domain name that was, for example, it is actually quite easy to approach local dentists in the city and make a sales pitch for your domain.
Pricing your domain name for sale will depend on how popular the service is, which local city you are dealing with, and how profitable the domain name may be for a company. If the domain name you were able to purchase was in a very popular city for a very popular service, you could generate thousands of dollars for a domain name. Others may only be able to be sold for $100 but that can still result in hefty profits.
Messaging local businesses only takes a few minutes of your time so you will be able to find potential buyers while still only working part time online.

Consider Ranking Domains For Higher Profits
If you want to quickly increase the amount of profit you can generate from flipping a domain name, you may want to consider using search engine optimization to rank the domain higher. The benefit to a business owner that is buying your domain name is that they will be able to use that URL to generate more web traffic.
If you rank the domain name in popular search engines like Google you will instantly be able to command a much higher price for the domain since all the hard work is already done.
The best part is that for exact match domain names, ranking your website is not always that hard. A domain name that is ranking on the first page of Google could be worth 5 or 10 times as much as simply selling the domain name quickly after purchasing it. The trade-off is that SEO takes time so you will be holding on to domains longer before you see the profit.

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