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My biggest accomplshment yet!!

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Posted 24th April 2012 at 08:13 AM by lusundraeverett

This past Saturday - April 21, 2012, I reached a huge goal in my business. Before I share that, let me tell you what got me there…

Back Story:
I was introduced to internet marketing in August of 2010. I was approached on Facebook by someone telling me they could help me build my current business on the internet. Since I move on a regular basis, this seemed right up my alley. I could learn how to generate leads online for ‘my’ business. Wow! I thought this was the best contact I’ve had all day!

Then my journey began. She introduced me to MLSP, set up my 2 blogs, and told me what to buy. I did it. She told me that I should just start writing content. I had no idea about what! She told me for one of my blogs, to just go through my catalog and write about the products and for the other, write what I knew. The only problem was that I knew NOTHING!

About 2 weeks in, she introduced me to her new network marketing company. She told me how revolutionary it was, and that she could 'SMELL' the money coming. I turned her down. I reminded her that she said that I could build ‘my’ business online. I wasn’t interested in changing to another company. From that moment on, I had no help. Enter… BAPTISM BY FIRE... INFORMATION OVERLOAD… I was in the internet marketing world ALONE!

Anywho… fast forward a few months, and I drowned. I wasn’t getting good sleep. I wasn’t generating leads. I was making a little bit of money, but nowhere near what I thought. I wasn’t COMPLETELY failing, but it felt like it. So I shut it all down – no blogging, no connecting… no nothing. You can read my blog ‘Recovering from online suicide’ to get the rest of that story.

During that recovery period, I reached out to Nicole Cooper. I was willing to give up a kidney to get her to help me. She gave me assignments, and I wanted to be sure that I responded quickly. I wanted her to know that I wasn’t playing around. When she didn’t respond, I sent the assignments again to make sure I didn’t screw up! I realize now that during that time, she was checking me out. My work ethic, my quality of work… my reputation, all that… sneaky devil.

A breakthrough came, in the form of an email. I had been poking around in the Warrior Forum, and Nicole had a special going on for the launch of the MLM PLR Store. I bought it. I received an email from Nicole that said ‘you’re a smart lady.’ Nice. THE Nicole Cooper emailed me personally. SCORE!

Side notes:
Ray Higdon said, ‘if you want to get someone’s attention, make sure to put money in their pocket. I don’t care what it is.’
If you don’t know – hang out in the Warrior Forum – you can get great stuff there – for an even better price.

Back to the Backstory…

Nicole and I talked a few times on the phone. We did some work together. All through this time, I was taking notes FEVERISHLY. Every bit of ‘little’ stuff she said, I wrote down. One thing that stuck out to me was this.

She said, ‘Being an internet marketer is like being an athlete. Fans create the hype, but the endorsements pay the bills.’ I still didn’t quite get it, but the wheels were turning.
So, here I am today.

Oh… what was the HUGE accomplishment?

I made $1000 this past week!!

...with more coming this week!!

The best part: it IS duplicable/duplicatable. (No, duplicatable is currently not a word). OK…

Tomorrow, I will post information on the webinar I will be hosting to tell you what I did to get me from making a few hundred dollars a month to a $1000 in a week.

Another bit of advice: If you’re not on Nicole’s list, get there. Go to the MLM PLR store, sign up as an affiliate. Get on her trainings. You see what it has done for me!

Oh yeah, do me a favor - share this with a friend who may be struggling on the internet. This might help them! Leave a comment if it helps you!

Keep marching forward,

PS. Don't forget to check back to get the information on the webinar. OR... you can get on my list to make sure you get it!
PPS. If you're not connected with me yet, add me to your Google + circle and join my new page on Facebook!
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