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Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Poorly~Zig Ziglar

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Posted 27th April 2012 at 09:33 AM by lusundraeverett

I read the above quote in the book The Seven Levels Of Communication , and thought that was the dumbest thing I had ever read. I don’t care who said it. Afterward, I dug a little deeper,… and it seems that statement is not so dumb. Maybe I was the dumb one for jumping to a conclusion without asking questions to dig a little deeper. Side note: Don't do that.When most people start on a new venture – whether in business, sports, or job – they don’t start out being the best. When you’re new at something, odds are you perform the given task poorly. People who have been in your industry for awhile look at you and say ‘oh, you’re new’.
My favorite thing to call it is the ‘FNG’ syndrome. What is FNG? – The F___in’ New Guy/Girl. Anyway, the point is when you cross into unfamiliar territory; you’re going to screw up.

The same applies to different areas of life. Internet marketing is one of them. If you’re doing it right, you will make mistakes. Sometimes, it will cost you little. Sometimes, it will cost you big… HUGE even! You look at the powerhouses in the industry now, and you think they have it all together. You see them talking about making thousands of dollars in a few hours. The part you didn’t get to see is when they were struggling. There was one marketer in particular who admitted to generating 10,000 leads but did not close a single one into his business. Although he generated leads well, he closed POORLY. A few years later, he is now working from home full time – and closing effectively.
The point: Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly UNTIL you learn how to do it well.

Don’t give up, because you screw up. Learn from your mistakes. The most successful people in this world are not successful because they started out being the best. They are the most successful, because they screwed up the most.
Get out there and do something poorly today!

Keep marching forward,
Your MilSpouse Marketer

PS. What have you done poorly lately? Leave a comment and let me hear from you!
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