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Making money online is easy... if you know how.

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Posted 2nd September 2008 at 07:36 PM by macknox
Updated 29th October 2008 at 08:06 PM by macknox (Update)

With regards to the money making rule:

Here's my contribution:

Making money is really quite straight forward.… simply give people want they want... this totally different from what they need. That's it. Once you understand that everything falls into place. If you get it then you are ready, grasshopper.

Now a little ramble on how our crazy mind works.
We all know how to make money from stocks and shares... buy low- sell high. Simple.
So why do we buy into shares that are being ramped and pay top dollar, when the smart money have already moved on?
And when is it low and when is it high?
Why don't we sell and take profit?
And why do we hang on to falling shares?
We know about stop orders and graphs etc... but there is something in us that thinks that we can buck the trend... do it our own way. (I was in finance.)

The same can be said for us monkeys in this web info business.

What makes money for someone - may not make money for you.
And by the time you have brought the ebook on it, you are too late or the rules have changed. (Google-ebay slap)

But the main problem for most people why they can't get started is the lack of technical knowledge. If putting up a squeeze page is an ordeal then you need to keep practising.

You can't outsource everything - especially, if you don't know what you want in the first place. How can you quality control when you don't know what quality is? Bill Gates may not be the best programmer, but he knows a lot about programming and what it can do (Although he did get it wrong about the internet in his book and had to revise it!). Your football coach may not be the best player, but he know a lot about playing the game and how to win.

I’m to tell it straight... and I think you all know it too... the best market for us is the "How to make money from the web market". I have no doubt every minute of every day somewhere in the world there is someone logging on wanting to make money online. This is the real neverending market.
Start supplying the shovels and picks...
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