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Got A Blog, Well Is It A WordPress One? [A Few Tips!]

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Posted 13th October 2008 at 01:11 PM by Mark McWilliams

Blogging is fantastic (I love it!), and if you're not into it, then just what are you missing out?... The short answer is, A LOT!

It's not only a GREAT way of communicating with people, but it's a simple and easy way to brand yourself online! I mean, you can send traffic towards your blog, thus providing them (Your readers!) with some quality information!

Why WordPress though, well it's simply the best blogging software that I've used, and will only use. Matt (Co-Founder of WP), and his team, keep on updating the powerful 'piece of kit' and it's just getting better and better! - That's what I feel at least, and I'm sticking to it!

I have though, a few tips that some of you might just find useful!...

1. Permalinks

By default WordPress links look something like:

(With the 123 being the post ID!)

However that really isn't any good when it comes to SEO, amoung other things. In your admin panel, you'd be much better off changing the permalinks too:

And for that to take effect, in the 'Permalink' settings, you just need to check the option for a 'Custom Structure' and enter:

Then click to save the changes!

2. Design - A Unique Theme

You want your readers to remember your site right? Well why not go to the next stage, and make your WordPress blog unique with a custom theme. (Before you say anything about it costing an absolute fortune, let me explain!)

There are a number of sites out there were you can purchase a premium theme, and the best part is that with a couple of graphic changes, you truely can have a unique site!

A few of the sites around are?

- WooThemes
- Revolution Theme
- iThemes

While you can go for a free template, and there's plenty of them around, (Just Google that and see for yourself!) thats exactly the reason for NOT using them! - There are too many other sites out there using the exact same theme!

3. Going Over-The-Top With Plugins

Firstly, don't just go downloading and uploading plugins just because you feel like it! There's absolutely no need, and I'm not one for having 100's of them activated.

You can find a list of available plugins over on the WordPress site!...
WordPress › WordPress Plugins

4. Keep It Updated

The final tip I have for you is to make sure that you keep updated! There's people in this day and age that like going round and causing trouble. They are mostly known as hackers, and are always on the lookout for people with out-of-date scripts! - So make sure that when anew version is released, you update the version as soon as you can.

Well that's it, the last of the tips I have for you today!

I do hope you enjoyed this article today, and if you'd like to find out more about me, or just read my other articles, you can check out my own WordPress blog at
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