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My Geeky Passions Just Got The Best of Me!!

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Posted 20th March 2012 at 08:20 AM by MarketingChad

Hey everyone,

It's about time...

I decided to embark on a passion project. I've been building businesses in all these niches and for the most part (apart from Internet marketing) I don't have a huge interest in any of them, I've just gravitated towards the money!

Well since 2009 I have owned a domain and wanted to create a geek site based on all of my secret (well not-so-secret) passions: movies, video games, tv shows, tech, comics, etc. These are things I talk about on a daily basis so I thought it would be easy to build up a site based upon them. Even if it was just for my own satisfaction.

As is always the case, I kept pushing it off to pursue other projects and it nothing ever really became of it. A few months ago I was discussing it with one of my friends with whom I regularly have these geeky discussions with and we decided to just film a podcast. It wouldn't be as much work as posting daily articles and reviews and we could create a log of shows.

Needless to say, I've never really had a big Youtube Channel presence but I said what the hell, let's go for the very least it will be fun!

We launched our first episode on March 1st and we've been moving at a great pace. We've managed to release 2 episodes a week (Tues. and Thurs.) and I actually ENJOY working on the project and keeping up with doesn't even seem like a "job" even though I know if the effort is continually applied...we could get some profit out of this!

I do all of the filming and editing and yes at first it was a lot of work each episode but as they say "practice makes perfect" and now I can churn out episodes rather quickly, motion graphics and all.

The message here is just indulge yourself every once and'd be surprised how much you enjoy it. It's definitely a nice escape from the IM grind every week and I'm excited to keep doing it for the foreseeable future!

The show is called "Epic Geek Out" and you can check out our Youtube channel here:

EpicGeekOut's Channel - YouTube
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