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Hold On... Let Me Get This Straight... You're NOT Building Your Buyers List?!

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Posted 19th December 2012 at 06:42 PM by marketingwithchuck
Updated 20th December 2012 at 05:00 AM by Janet Sawyer (To remove forced sign up links.)

When will you get it? When will it finally sink in that when it comes to creating a vibrant, long term online business you MUST develop a BUYERS list. And the key word here is BUYERS.

A lot of gurus and internet marketing courses will preach, quite rightly, about the importance of opt in list building. After all, research has emphatically proven that on the internet it takes around seven points of contact before your lead even thinks about becoming your customer. This one little snip of information rather succinctly sums up how critical opt in list building is to your success. Because, it is through your opt in newsletter, that you can get to that all important seventh contact point. And it is also through your opt in newsletter that you will gradually persuade your lead, through a series of well thought out, carefully crafted and almost lyrical blurbs, to become your customer.

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Credibility. Trust. Familiarity. These are things that your online visitor needs to feel towards you, if they are to whip their credit cards out and perform that one all important, almost sacred act of clicking on your buy now button.

But, before you get over excited, there's another issue to address. There is a marked difference between your opt in list and your BUYERS list. And you have to find a way to segregate the two. Your opt-in list is really just leads. Browsers. Tire kickers even. And, the truth is that MOST of your opt in list will not buy a single thing from you. Ever. Your buyers list is different – they are verified clients. They are the ones who you set up your business for – the ones keeping you in business. They are the one's putting food on your table, and the keys of your BMW in your hand. And you really ought to treat them accordingly. Your very best stuff should be reserved for these core clients.

In my business, my buyers list get special treatment, and I make no apologies for this fact. If there's a product launch, they get first dibs at whatever I'm offering, and at a 20% discount. This tactic helps hone a special, often unbreakable bond between my business and the client. In a hostile online world, filled with conmen and shoddy wares, they know I'm always there to offer them the very best of the best, and at a special price. It means, while they may not ALWAYS buy from me, they'll more often than not open up and read every newsletter. They'll click on my links. And, yes, now and again they'll decide to pull the trigger and make the purchase.

There can be some modest technical challenges in setting up a buyers list. However, with many autoresponder systems available in the market today, you can segregate your lists with comparative ease. You can weave subscribers in and out of multiple lists, and even get subscribers to be deleted from one list when they join another. So, once subscribers become clients, they are immediately elevated to your most important list. Your buyers list.

I'll leave you with this morsel - while every business is different, your opt in list and more specifically your buyers list can account for as much as 80% of your annual turnover.
Now do you get it?

Your friend & mentor,
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