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$1,000 Just Once? Or $1,000 Every Month For A Long Time? Introducing The Recurring Income Payday

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Posted 19th December 2012 at 07:33 PM by marketingwithchuck
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Oddly, many of the newbies who try to start earning a buck or two online don't seem to even think about setting things up so that they get paid each and every month. Rather than just one time.

It is often a moment of true, apple falling on their head, epiphany when they get it – that being paid monthly, is the true holy grail of the online income model. That getting a regular, dependable and almost salary-like stream of income is a key part of doing, and staying in, business.

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And even oddlier (even though that's not even a word), it's actually just as hard to sell a recurring income product as it is to sell a ten dollar eBook. You still have to write the sales page or promo. You still have to pitch it to your list, or find a source of traffic to pitch it to. All the fundamentals of selling recurring products versus selling a one time product are essentially the same. With the one big difference that the recurring product gets you income again. And again, and again. And, presumably, also helps you identify clients who are able to afford monthly subscriptions, and so would on the surface seem to be better clients who may be better long term buyers.

And if you're ever in doubt as to the raw power of selling subscriptions, against selling one time purchase products, then consider this one rather overpowering statistic.

Selling 100 copies of a $10 book gets you $1,000. One time. Selling 100 subscriptions worth $10 per month nets you $1,000 – each and every month. If that isn't enough to have you trawling the net searching for every suitable subscription product you can sign up to as an affiliate, I don't know what will.

So, how can you set up these tantalizing recurring income paydays? It will of course depend on what industry you find yourself in – for those in the business and marketing niche, the options are happily, widespread and often lucrative.

- Hosting & Autoresponders: People need hosting and autoresponder services to do business online. Good hosting for a website is like having a shopfront for a bricks and mortar business. Just essential. Find a host that pays regular monthly income for the clients you give them. Some of the bigger ones, sadly, are too stingy to offer monthly incomes – but look around till you find one that does. There are some companies that offer hosting and autoresponders in one package, and aside from benefiting the client they offer monthly commissions to the affiliate. These are the ones to go with.

- Marketing & Rights Membership Sites: Most IM and rights membership sites offer monthly commissions for the members you refer. These are popular, but the membership lengths tend to be lower than for bare essential services like hosting. The ease of switching sites and proliferation of them in recent times also means you can expect a lot of clients to cancel within a few months.

- SEO / IM Software: Some big ticket SEO software have a subscription based model. Many businesses depend on such software for traffic and to help their SERPS, so even a few sales of these can be very valuable.

Another option is to create your own subscription based income model – so you can charge your clients to access secure content or products, and keep 100% of the subscriptions. Decent membership software can be had for under two hundred bucks, and CMS systems like Wordpress have made it easier than ever to own a member site and update it without any significant technical skills.

When it comes down to it, if you do business online you require some element of certainty. You need to know that at the very least, SOME money will come in, even if your latest ten buck eBook fails to shift one lousy copy. And, recurring income will give you that certainty.

A thousand bucks just once, or a thousand bucks every month. It's your call.

Your friend & mentor,

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