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List Building, Internet Marketing Tips and My Experiences You Can Learn From!

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Posted 5th November 2013 at 05:14 AM by MarkSherris

Hey, welcome to my blog!

I thought I would put together a blog post today that shares some of the experiences and difficulties I have faced over the past 3 years of running my online business. Hopefully you will find them helpful and be able to avoid some errors that I made.

Up until earlier this year list building was always something I had put off. I never really saw the importance of it. Now though it is literally the cornerstone of my online business and it should be in yours too.

I pretty much started off the year with zero list. I had always attempted to build lists in the past but I always got to around 400-500 subscribers before calling it quits. I could just never make money from the lists for whatever reason and that's why I always quit at a few 100 subscribers.

My theory up until this year was always that surely I can make more money sending my traffic straight to a product, instead of building a list. I'm quite an analytical person, so I tend to look at the numbers and say well if I have 500 visitors to a website that converts at 2% that's 10 sales, whereas if I send that traffic to a squeeze page, I might only get 200 opt ins, and then 2% of 200 would be just 4. So why make 4 sales when I could make 10?

What I wasn't seeing was the bigger picture which was that your list is a great asset to have and you realize this when you lose everything in your business.

My online business has had some incredibly rocky moments since I went full time back in July 2010. I've been on top of the world making up to $10k a month from affiliate marketing only to crash back down to practically zero because of a few silly errors.

The first error was not building a list as I stated above. If you are sending all the traffic you get directly to offers then you better hope that traffic is a stable and sustainable source. In my case my traffic was wiped out overnight by a Google update. And since I wasn't building a list I had absolutely nothing to show for all the traffic that I was getting before the updates.

This was back in April of 2012. After that I pretty much struggled for the next 10-12 months before I really started to get things moving again. After my business virtually collapsed and I had nothing to show for it, I decided that moving forward I would have to build a list. If you have a subscriber list then you always have a potentially profitable asset that can drive traffic. So even if you are hit by a Google update, or something else happens to your traffic sources you're not going to be completely wiped out, you'll still be able to make money while you find other sources.

In the past 10 months I've been able to add over 10,000 subscribers to my email list which I'm pretty pleased about. However my next tip for you is an important one and it's about autoresponders!

The first 7000 or so subscribers of mine are held in GVO which is a web hosting / autoresponder company. It's cheap which is why a lot of people use it, and they have a pretty good compensation plan which is why people promote it. Unfortunately their email deliverability rates are not as good as the big name autoresponders like Aweber.

The other 3000+ on my list are held in Aweber and this list is way more responsive than my 7000 list. It actually gets twice as many opens (to the number) than the 7000 list does meaning it's up to 4x more responsive! I treat both lists exactly the same, the only difference is the autoresponder provider.

I don't claim to be an expert at list building therefore I won't give you any tips on how you should treat and email your list. It's really up to you what you want to do. What I personally do with mine is I tend to have a lot of respect for the people on my list which is why I don't promote lots of different things and I don't email all the time. I know myself that if I'm on a marketers list who emails different offers everyday I lose respect for them pretty quickly.

The next tip...

The next tip I can give you is to promote a product (or products) that can pay you a residual income. This is where you make a sale and you get paid each month as long as the person remains a member / paying customer etc. Doing this allows you to make money over and over again for potentially months (maybe even years) down the line and you don't have to do any extra work. Make the sale once and get paid over and over again.

It's also a great safeguard and makes you feel more secure about your business when you know that you have residual income coming in each month.

My final tip!

When it comes to traffic I highly advise you to pick a method you feel most comfortable with and work at becoming good at it. Or if you already have strengths then stick with them!

If you are good at paid marketing then it's best to stick at that while you are building your business.

For me I have a background in seo and free traffic so I decided to concentrate on those methods and they have rewarded me well. When you stick to what you are good at and streamline your efforts you will have better results in my opinion (and experience).

Thanks for reading, and I hope you've found this blog post useful

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