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3 Beneficial Uses of QR Codes in Your Business

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Posted 14th September 2011 at 05:27 AM by Mary Wilhite

QR Codes or Quick Response Barcodes are the funny looking barcodes you see in magazines, billboards and on product labels. They originated in the car factories in Japan where they were first used to track and identify car parts.

The use of QR codes is very popular in Japan and its adaptation is gaining momentum in the US as well. The increase in use of QR codes is due to the fact that you can scan it using your camera phones. You will need to install some scanner software in your phone if it doesn’t come with one though.

The popularity of QR codes to consumers is brought about by the excitement you’ll feel when decoding a QR code. Imagine seeing only the 2 dimensional barcode asking you to scan it without knowing where it will take you or what it will show.

Seeing the opportunity, advertisers and businesses are rushing to add and implement the codes in their marketing campaigns. It’s the reason why you’ll see them in the front cover of magazines, on billboards, product labels, business cards and even on websites.

Knowing this information, wouldn’t it be nice to either apply this technology in your business or maybe be in the service of teaching business owners how to use it? If you’re not yet convinced here are 3 more beneficial uses of QR codes in your business.

1. Add excitement to your marketing campaigns.

By adding these QR codes in the labels of your products, you’ll attract the attention and curiosity of consumers. Lead the consumers to more information about the product and a discount and you’ll have a higher chance of getting a sale.

2. Allows immediate response to the action of a customer.

Scanning QR codes only take a few seconds and once the QR code is decoded customers can then be taken anywhere or offered anything. You can send them to your site for your more recent offers and prices or use the QR code as a coupon for a discount to your items. The good thing about it is that once customers scan the codes, they will be taken to wherever you want to take them.

3. Leads come to you.

This has something to do with the mind state of those who scan QR codes. Since they already got curious and scan it in the first place they are bound to stick with it until they see what’s behind the QR code. This is a persuasion tactic that applies the principles of commitment and consistency, and it’s one benefit you can enjoy when you use QR Codes.

These are the three beneficial uses of QR codes for your business. You can expect an increase in response to your marketing campaign when you apply it.

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