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List Building Is One Of the Main Keys To Online Success

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Posted 15th September 2011 at 07:10 AM by Mary Wilhite

I've been thinking lately. Remembering how far I've gone from trouble to online success. I still smile every time I recall the things I did to get up and finally make it.

It wasn't easy. I had to learn a lot. Though I was lucky because I have a natural talent on networking with people. I was also passionate about the things I do.

I'm so passionate that I can stay up for 24 hours to do the things I need to strike off my list.

And that is one of the keys to online success. It's the ability and discipline to do things that will get you some elbow grease.

However, that is not the only key to success, and I'm about to share one with you.

It's LIST BUILDING. Some of you may say it's old news..And yes it is but are you doing it?

You may say that you know it, but until you go and actually build your list I can say that you don't really know it at all.

I say try it. I know you've heard it several times already but I'll still push this thing with you. Because this one thing can get you the success that you may be looking for.

Here's what list building can do for you:

1. With a list you can control traffic to any offers you want to promote.

Yes, you have the control. Unlike SEO where things can change overnight and kill your traffic, List Building will give you control on the visitors to your site.

2. You can market several products several times.

Unlike paid traffic or SEO traffic where you only get to offer them once, if you get them to your list you can contact them several times.

3. The size of your list will determine the size of your income.

I noticed this myself as my list grew and this is logical. The more people on your list means you are helping more people and since you are helping more people you get to benefit from their loyalty to your offers.

Try to build a list. It's only hard at the start but when you get up to speed, you'll notice it was easy all along and realize the things you missed.

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