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Google Voice Search - Blackberry App

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Posted 6th April 2009 at 08:53 AM by Matt Hoey

Two weeks ago I blogged about some of the really cool features and fun things to do with Google Street View. As well as an interview with CBC Radio Canada (Stay tuned for this) and great feedback from our subscribers it also sparked a lot of interest around the office to discover what else we can find that can really make a positive impact and bring a little order to the whirlwind that definitely is everyday life.

Google maps voice

Enter the Blackberry; we've had a bit of a blackberry craze amongst ourselves and our clients recently. Not quite "new", blackberry is still finding it's way into the everyday lives of ordinary folk. However, the Blackberry is fast becoming an essential tool for a wide variety of business needs, from keeping in touch with clients on-the-go without having to lumber a laptop around just to check email, to carrying a virtual arsenal of client support busting applications. Which leads me to introduce you to "Google Maps Voice Search", you'll love this, this one is a killer Wink

But first, I want to show you just how far this technology has come. Google Voice is the brainstorm of Google's Laboratory which reigned in the form of a telephone number that can be dialled and used to make a Google Search using voice recognition technology. The voice recognition system progressed into GOOG-411, a free service which combined the updated voice recognition system with businesses e.g. "Wall-mart Florida". Not quite 118 118, but pioneering a technology through science fiction into the realms of reality is no small feat, think of Star Trek "communicators", beam me up Scotty! sorry.

So put down your A-Z and wind up your car window, there's no need to clear your throat and look for the elusive stranger who will direct you the wrong way, Google Maps Voice Search is here. Google Maps Voice Search, smaller than an A-Z, faster than an A-Z, easier than... you get the picture.

Read the full blog post here.... Google Maps Voice
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