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100% Commissions on $47 = Massive List Building

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Posted 7th August 2008 at 05:58 PM by Matthew W. Rhodes

YAWFG...Yet Another Warrior Forum Gift for you guys... ;-)

In celebration of the new forum, John and I figured we'd release a big secret that we've been more or less "keeping to ourselves" for a while.

It has to do with the $7 script...but not in the way you normally think about it. Normally, when you use the $7 script, you setup a one-page site with your product for sale and offer up 100% commissions. Then, after folks purchase, they're added to your lists.

The problem with this is that if your product flops, then you don't get any signups. It ends up being a huge waste of time. And, you also need a ton of affiliates to promote your product to get a worthwhile number of subscribers. Blah.

So, how about a way to use the script to not only get more subscribers, but more affiliates to promote your product as well?

(Note: This applies to products folks can be affiliates for even if you aren't using the $7 script. But, the $7 script will probably get you more affiliates in the long run. You'll see why.)

The sole goal of the $7 script is to get you affiliates, right? So, why not collect their e-mail address BEFORE they buy? All it requires is a simple pre-sales video and a report. Or, 2 reports.

Here's what's going to happen, step-by-step:

1.) You send traffic to your main page, a pre-sales video with great, free content. You have an opt-in page to a free report which elaborates on the method, product, technique or service you're selling. Or, a second free video works well, as well.

2.) You then send them to a thank you page after they confirm their e-mail address that tells them their free report is available and then sells them on a product you're offering 100% commissions for.


You send them to a 2nd video right away and then redirect to a sales page after the video for the 100% commissions product.

So, this way, you collect the e-mail address BEFORE the person even sees the offer. (For a successful, real-life example of how we do this, see http://10xmethod.com.)

Now, I know what you're asking...

"Wouldn't this turn off potential affiliates because less people are seeing the offer right away?"

It might, until you explain to them that you have much HIGHER conversions for the back-end product. That's no lie - I will almost GUARANTEE you have higher conversions for the product you're selling. We literally have 3% conversions for a $47 product we're selling at 100% commissions.

(Pre-sales videos and content is extremely powerful. Don't just throw up a sales page and expect magic to happen. It won't.)

This leads us to a 2nd secret...

Use the $7 script to sell a 100% commission offer for $27, $47 or even much more. Imagine how many affiliates you'll get, even if you aren't a Guru.

You can do this in ANY niche, by the way. Don't limit yourself to internet marketing. Turn off the blinders and see the real potential here.

In markets where people are offering 5%-10% commissions, you'll be offering 100% commissions. You'll see some real affiliates, I'll tell you that.

I hope that gets your mind going...

All the best,
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