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Facts About Pay Per Click Bid Manager

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Posted 4th May 2010 at 07:52 PM by mattlaclear

To understand what a Pay Per Click bid manager is, you have to know what a Pay Per Click is. A Pay Per Click (PPC) service is a superb way to market your products by using Ads or links that visitors can click to visit your website or product site. Increased visibility means increased profit. Pay per click service guarantees placement of a small ad on the search results page for a specific keyword or phrase in return for a definite payment. The advertisers pay nothing to appear on the results page. Advertisers pay the amount they have agreed to only when someone actually clicks on their ad that takes the user to their landing page.

Unfortunately, unless you use an effective Pay Per Click bid manager, pay per click can cause you to waste precious advertising money. Knowing the process behind bidding for pay per click ads and the mechanisms used for managing campaigns is necessary in order to effectively bid for pay per click space, as well maximizing your Pay Per Click bid manager.

Determine the costs

Another point to understand in using an effective Pay Per Click bid manager is determining the maximum cost per click you are willing to pay. Try checking out ads on each of the search engines you want to use in order to determine a starting bid. You may also determine a maximum bid based on your profit margin. You need to make a distinction between the different pay per click programs you plan to utilize. What works for one program may not always work for another.

Ad Placement

Pay per click bidding is similar to any other auction. Potential advertisers bid on slots and placement positions. The highest bidder gets the spot. Remember however that the top spot is not always the best spot. In fact, its price might be too expensive. You could bid for the second or third highest spot. Unfortunately, the very nature of bidding itself makes it difficult to accurately bid. The importance of utilizing a Pay Per Click bid manager quickly becomes obvious.

Keeping Track

A Pay Per Click bid manager also helps you track all inbound hits from your paid ads. This information can help you determine which ads are working and why. Track and tie the most effective search terms and keywords to your ads.

Using software

You can use a number of software programs as a Pay Per Click bid manager. This would make it easier to manage multiple platforms and a high number of keywords, making it more efficient for the campaign. In due time, the savings in time may well be worth the cost of the software. Other keyword software analyzes keyword density, and may or may not have a utility that generates niche keywords. It is a good idea to study the software description very carefully to avoid buying something you do not need.

Bottom line is that, an effective Pay Per Click bid manager is not just about numbers. It requires an understanding of your prospective client base as well. Integrating your understanding of the mentioned elements will allow you to get the most out of each ad you place. Remember that “clicks” just make half of the story – you will still need to convert the viewers once they arrive at your site. The more efficient your pay per click service and Pay Per Click bid manager, the more opportunities you will have at conversion.

Matt LaClear is the CEO of SEO Traffic Services, a Michigan SEO Web Marketing Services company. Matt has been helping Internet marketers drive traffic to their websites for over a decade now and has no plans of slowing down any time soon.
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