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8 Tips for Online Marketing with Twitter

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Posted 20th July 2009 at 02:02 AM by megaresp

It's the new big thing in web marketing, and these handy tips will help you extract the maximum possible benefit from your efforts.

  1. Get Focus:
    Make your Twitter page about something. That something should be of direct and immediate interest to people likely to buy your product or service.
  2. Be Helpful:
    Link to web content your target market is likely to want to see. Include video, slideshows, photos and audio content - not just text articles. Don't be afraid of linking to a page on a competitor's site if it contains useful information.
  3. Include News:
    Don't limit your tweets to 'how to' information. Include up-to-date news items. These won't necessarily send visitors back to your web site, but they will increase the interest of your page (helping you to retain followers).
  4. Include one Keyword in each Tweet:
    People will find your tweets when they use Twitter's search tool. If your Twitter page is dedicated to stamp collecting, and you're tweeting about the Penny Black - include the keyword 'stamp' in your tweet.
  5. Write Natural Sentences:
    Twitter is likely to ban you if your tweets contain nothing but key words. Control your desire to get millions of followers today, and instead write proper sentences that include one keyword that fits naturally. Example: Stamp collectors - Penny Black is half price here: [DOMAIN HERE]
  6. Check Your Stats:
    Twitter shortens your URLs with a tool called An account is created when you start using Twitter. It's worth visiting to see how many clicks you're getting (more accurate than web stats). You can then experiment to see what keywords, sentences and posts attract clicks. This is a big help when it comes to improving the traffic Twitter sends you.
  7. Don't Over Promote Your own Product:
    People will find your Twitter page interesting only if it delivers a variety of relevant information. Most of your followers are a lot less interested in buying your product or service today, than you are in selling it to them. It's much more important that you retain followers, and limit direct product promotion to every 3-4 days. This greatly increases your chance of making a sale over time.
  8. Ask Others for Their Opinion:
    Twitter conversation doesn't have to be all one way. Ask your followers what they're interested in, what business problems they can't solve, and anything else that clues you in on how to keep their interest, and get them interested in your product or service.
Did you find these tips useful? You'll find a lot more information about how to market your product, service or web site with Twitter here, here and here.
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