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WARNING: This could happen to you... it happend to me

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Posted 22nd November 2012 at 07:04 PM by Melvin San Miguel

Life was tough…all we did was WORK WORK WORK,

Something had to change, it just had too.

And it did….

You see, about 2 years ago, I was out of work for several months.

When I eventually found work,

I did as many hours as I could possibly do working up to 10 hours a day, 6 days a week ….

just so I could catch up on the rent!

Have you been there too?
I bet you have…

Literally, I was 3 months behind on my rent and the landlord was close to..
throwing me out!!!!!

I promised that as soon as I found work I would pay every penny due.

So I worked and worked,

my Wife got a second job to help out,

she did evenings and weekends at the restaurant and wait tables…on top of her normal 9 to 5 office hours. .

We had no LIFE!!!

We hardly went out because we had no time to enjoy life or we were just so tired from working so much!

After about 6 months of me working LONG hours and my Wife working 2 jobs we were finally up to date on the rent….

but then in January this year 2012 an old credit card bill came through the post for over 2,500 pounds and I thought…

here we go again…

time to do MOREextra” hours AGAIN!!

It was crazy!

Having to work and work just too simply ‘get by’ and pay the bills till my next pay check…

Not any more…..

I searched on the Internet for a better paid job…
thinking I’ll find a better paid job and make more money!

Slight problem, the UK was in a recession and 100’s were applying for every position in London.
I never got much response until….

I was searching and went on facebook…

There was an ad that got my ATTENTION!!! read….

“Make Money Online in 24 hours…”

I clicked on the ad and it was someone talking about Just been paid…

so I started to google Just Been Paid and watched several you tube videos too.

I noticed one thing…
there was nothing but GOOD things being said about JBP.

I watched several more videos of people showing proof of income and sharing positive feedback and they were offering a FREE $10 to prove that it works!

So I found a good mentor and I joined this online business… And that was only less than 6 months ago….

So I just thought I’d share my thoughts and feelings because I am loving it - and I love helping others get started too..

what I really love is;

The part time lifestyle,

Only having to work just 20 hours a week,

I never thought I’d see myself live like this,

I enjoy the extra free time, sleep really well and

I spend my days doing exactly what I want to do.

Whether it’s having coffee with prospects and team members, lunch with my Wife or going to the gym or simply chillin’ at home or going shopping… there’s so much fun things to do in Life.

The other day I signed up my 100th referral in Profit clicking (the new name for JustBeenPaid)…

and what makes this more interesting is the fact that I haven’t even spoken to them yet!

I normally spend a bit of time on skype with prospects before they join.

Last Sunday, whilst I was attending a 1st bday party…

eating cake and playing games with a room full of children

I came home afterwards and discovered that I made around $60 from referral commissions!

And today …

I enjoyed lunch with my Wife, helped a handful of new members to get started in ProfitClicking!

Want to find out more… click here to get the same PDF that got me started and together we will…

Smash your financial obstacles once and for all!


Kind Regards,

Melvin San Miguel
SKYPE: melvin1uk
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