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Warning to All Warriors That Sell on Fiverr

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Posted 26th January 2012 at 11:59 AM by mezloh

I just want to get a warning out to all of the hard working Warriors out there that might have a successful fiverr business going right now.

If you leave your money inside your account to accumulate to amounts over $100 you stand a chance of being targeted by the unchecked fiverr support staff.

I do not know who is in charge at fiverr but I do know they are stealing from their users.

There is a growing trend of Top Sellers having their accounts banned and their funds held hostage and then disappearing like they were never there.

Since you are blocked access to your personal records you will have no way of proving that they stole your money.

If you are familiar with fiverrs profile information it would be very easy for rogue employees to access member accounts and change the paypal email address to their own and then transferring your money over to their personal paypal accounts.

One reason I do strongly believe this is what is happening at fiverr is that the CEO Micah Kaufman, the CTO Adam R Fisher, and the entire support staff will not reply to any type of contact request from the sellers they have falsely banned.

That REEKS of guilt in my book. If you accuse someone of something wouldn't it be in the best interest of both parties to actually let the accused respond to the allegations against them as the reason for shutting them down?

Please watch your back if you sell on fiverr and help me spread the word.

You can read my entire ordeal on one of my blogs here. Fiverr Blocks Account Access Of Top Seller Keeps Money | E-BizReview.com

Would someone that spent 14 months building an honest fiverr business that totaled 800 sales and 99% overall feedback be someone you would terminate a relationship with?
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