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Is Blogging Worth It

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Posted 25th January 2015 at 10:49 PM by Michael Shook

The short answer is , "YES".

The longer answer is, "It depends."

So why do i think its worth doing? That's an easy question for me, I like to write. I've written many thousands of articles and blog posts, a number of reports, songs, poems, novels, all kinds of stuff.

It's Easier Now

For me, it comes naturally now. It wasn't always that way , of course. But now, after years of writing, it is almost second nature.

But what does a person do who is starting now, without years of writing experience?

You begin, right now.

The truth is, the internet runs on words. People may watch a lot of videos, look through info-graphics and past cure pictures of kitties and puppies on their Facebook accounts, but it is words that make everything run.

Try This

For proof of this, just try going to Google images and search without using words. Just look at the pictures. Impossible to do.

What you write is important, how you write, not so much. Your site runs on words, your ads run on words, everything you do online runs on words and the sooner you get cracking and get some up on your page, the sooner you can:

  • Get more email subscribers
  • Drive more traffic
  • Sell more products
  • Make more money

Start now, as a matter of fact, you can start by leaving me a comment on this post, let me know who you are, and if you have an account on the WF, let me know your username and I will send you a friend request.

But whatever you do, start today.
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