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Google Adsense Alternative That Pays A Lot Daily

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Posted 6th September 2010 at 09:51 AM by Michi Kono

Google Adsense Alternative: What Kind of System Would Be The Best Google Adsense Alternative?

Hi there,

Well, this is my very first blog at WF so probably I should be introducing myself before i talk about anything else...

But I figured that you would care more about something to do with making money online (I mean some decent information) than another warrior's blurb... So I'll talk about the best Google Adsense alternative here today...

Now, have you ever thought about what type of site monetizing system would really be the best Google Adsense alternative?

Let's think about it for a second here... What Google Adsense does is to allow us to display a bunch ads (texts or images) that are paid and created by online advertisers so that we can get paid every time our site visitors click on those ads.

It's simple and quite a brilliant system when you think about it... In fact it was considered the most innovative site monetization application when it was first introduced back in 2003...

Sure enough, thousands of webmasters made a lot money by monetizing their own sites with Google Adsense and it was pretty easy thing to do.

But then Google got smarter so they made it more difficult for those spammers and black/gray hat Internet marketers to make money from it...

Adsense still exists now and there are many people who are making lots of money from it to the present. But it is certainly not as easy as back in early days...

I've had quite a few Adsense sites a while ago and I've made good money with them as well. But it did take a while to build up the revenue up to a decent amount.

Now I personally don't have any desire to create another Adsense site because again, it is a lot tougher to monetize with it and it just does not pay me enough to get motivated (do you get excited by receiving a penny per click?)...

So the best Google Adsense Alternative should really be covering the following points:

1. It must pay way more than a penny per click (like $10)

2. It must pay instantly (or daily) into a bank account or Paypal account

3. It must pay a recurring commission

4. It must be FREE to use

5. It must help webmasters to generate traffic easily

Well, it does sound too good to be true, doesn't it? But what if I tell you that "actually there is one Google Adsense alternative that covers all the 5 points"... Would you be excited or at least curious to know more about it?:rolleyes:

If you are, you may want to visit my web page that I put up recently. This will tell you an interesting story about the ultimate Google Adsense alternative....

Here is the full story - Click Here


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