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What Exactly is a URL Rotation Script?

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Posted 8th March 2010 at 10:59 AM by mikegates

The URL rotator is one of my favorite internet marketing software scripts.

But, what exactly is a url rotation script, or website rotator? A website rotator script is a tool that lets you direct website visitors to one single URL, and the script will rotate to a different destination URL with every visit.

For example, you deliver people to a certain web page link, like YouTube Video Clip Website Builder . Every time you load that page, you will see a different web page is displayed, and the same pages rotate through in sequence.

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Link4 - URL Rotator Script

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Link1 - Month To Month Mobile


You may be asking yourself whey you would want to rotate websites.

I stumbled onto the requirement to rotate urls when I wanted to implement a certain product promotion co-op. I wanted to gather a pool of money for a coop campaign, to get a big cheaper rate. Any member who took part in the cooperative, supplied me with a payment for every advertising spot. Then, I'd direct web page visitors from the website traffic provider to the rotator URL, and every coop member would end up with potential customers to their webpage.

After trying to find a web site rotating piece of software, I could not locate a software which did what I wanted it to do. I did locate a service that could get it done for me, even though there was a month to month fee connected to the product. I didn't want to pay a fee every month, so I began hunting for rotator software.

The majority of internet site rotator scripts that I came across seemed to be random url rotation scripts. In theory, if you have a large number of visitors to a random rotator, you should really receive about the same volume of views to each site. But, I wanted to be certain that every traffic coop participant would have the same exact number of views, and the only way to get this done is with a sequential link rotation piece of software.

That being said, I made a decision to build a script that would do what I needed it to do. The HomeBizRotator web site rotation software was created.

The rotating script ended up being precisely what I needed for a coop link rotator, and has performed remarkably well.

I have since stumbled on a number of other uses for the URL rotation script, and it has become one of my favorite tools.
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