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5 Tips for a Killer LinkedIn Profile

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Posted 14th May 2015 at 04:11 PM by MikeMiller

As the largest professional network in the World, LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for lead generation. Over 300 million people are using it to grow their professional network, find new business partners and do business.

The first step of lead generation and growing your business with LinkedIn is a killer profile. The profile is your most important real estate on LinkedIn, your prospects will check it all the time. Having the right content on your profile wil make or break your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Follow these steps and you will have a killer and outstanding LinkedIn profile and be on the right track to succeeding with LinkedIn.

Customize the vanity URL of your profile. It will make it look more professional and show that you care.

Create a complete profile, fill in as much information as you can. Operating in stealth mode and hiding your background won’t help on LinkedIn. Your profile and everything on it helps to build your credibility and make people choose you.

Use professional images. LinkedIn is a professional social network, everything you do on it should be professional as well. Vacation or party photos won’t make it. Always remember that your profile images is what all users see about you before their visit your profile and the header image is the first thing they see when they visit your profile. You should also consider using the header image for promotion.

4. Use the headline as an elevator pitch in 120 characters. Simply putting your job title there won’t do you much good. The profile image and headline are the two things people see in search result, member lists, at your posts, etc. before they visit your profile. Use the headline to encourege people to visit your profile. Consider adding some CTA and website URL to it as well.

Fill the Summary as a sales letter. You have up to 2000 characters, make them count. Add some call to action, URL to your website or landing page, contact info, etc. Write it as a proper sales letter to channel your profile’s visitors into your sales funnel. Speak to your target audience, keep in mind what they need and tell them what to do next.

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