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The Perfect Images for Your LinkedIn Profile

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Posted 19th May 2015 at 03:08 PM by MikeMiller

First impressions are very important and for LinkedIn profiles images influence first impressions the most. Get them right and you are halfway there, get them wrong and people will leave your profile before checking any other content on it.

Let’s see what kind of images can you add to your LinkedIn profile to improve its visual performance:

Header Image

Your LinkedIn profile starts with a Header Image. As your header image and profile photo are the visually most significant elements of the above-the-fold part of your profile, make them count. Make sure that you use professional and high-quality images, they will significantly influence first impressions.

Default size of the header image is 1400x425px and the file should be less than 4 MB.

You can use a photo editor to add a message, website address, contact information or CTA to the image. It’s also a good idea to change it from time-to-time to match your current campaigns. I’ve seen some great Header Images displaying product promotions, event invites or promos of free reports and so on. If you use it for promotion make sure to add a matching link to your Projects/Publications sections as you cannot link the Header Image to external sites.

Profile Image

As per your profile photo, I would highly suggest to use a professional photo, on which you smile and look into the camera. No mugshot-like photos and vacation memories… Remember that until an in-person meeting, your potential clients will only see this photo of you, it will make them trust you or not. You have to look professional and trustworthy.

The profile photo will also be what people see when you show up in search results:

Other Images

You also have the ability to add various media including images to the Summary section and elements of the Experience and Education sections. Although this function has been around for a while still not many people use it, so add images to these sections and your profile will surely stand out! By adding many images and other media to all sections you can create a visually appealing profile.

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