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The next BIG thing... Give me a freaking break!

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Posted 21st April 2013 at 12:41 PM by Mission0ps

I just saw the title on a forum post

Join The Next Big Thing

The lonely thread states...
Hello Warriors,

Did you hear about it?

No? OMG You are Missing Out!

In short words I will help you make money

How? Ok Simple Check this video out
That's it no more just a bunch of cr*ppy hype language.

[News Flash]

There is no next big thing...

This is how I, and you should do it
  • Make sure you qualify to make money online - (what do you mean never thought you had to qualify? - it's the 1st base)
  • Pick a Niche you are known for talking about - if your buddies are bored of listening to you .. perfect!
  • Research your keywords properly - if you spend extra time understanding this section and do this bit right, you'll "actually" make some money!
  • Go micro niche on your first website venture, carve yourself a piece of niche pie with your newly found keywords.
  • Share far more than you post - can you share your post 50 times in 50 different places - with excellent comments of anchor text before making the next one?
  • It IS far better to give than to receive - your readers won't ever forget it.
  • Keep it simple and if you want people to click - ask them to. If you've been generous enough in the past ... they will.
  • When you review, give the good the bad and the ugly - nothing is ever perfect.
  • Have someone you can go to and ask questions of. A mentor, someone that has walked the path you are about to embark on.
  • Take action - I always say, an improvement of 1% a day is all I'll ever ask for. that can be in knowledge to.
  • Cut the clutter & Keep going...

Now that's the honest approach that works every time when you build affiliate websites.

If you'd like to try my way with video coaching and 1 on access see if you qualify at - - It's the portal to where I take your from knowing nothing at all to how to be a successful affiliate marketer that sticks...

Cut the clutter & I'll see you there
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