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7 Yrs On So I Must Have Something right... right!

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Posted 14th September 2015 at 05:21 AM by Mission0ps

I remember my very first week December 2008 when I was exposed to a very well-known marketing training platform.

I've so many come and go, there's been:

Those who have been intrigued by this supposedly magic system forgetting money nothing. They don't last too long because as you and I know it isn't money for nothing we work hard at creating residual income.

There have been those working in regular jobs who need a little extra money. Hungry for results, they have put the timing and learnt strategies for marketing online.

And there have been those who were desperate to make money. They have found themselves in a position where may need money now. Yet their desperation feeds an erratic response... shiny button syndrome, magic bullet syndrome. The next big thing syndrome!

And there have been those like myself, with time to put into learning, who Isn't tied to a 9 till 5. it's true statement what worked when I started does not work now. But because I kept learning being flexible and trying I now know what works all the time.

There are no magic bullet, there are blueprints and systems that work. Most of us start off as affiliate marketers and then learn to bend the web from there.

Anyway that's the end of my ramblings.
There's not much else to say really!
  • It's not magic it's systematic
  • The right training is make or break
  • If you're stuck ask somebody you trust

- keep going!
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