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Can fbmeChat Help You With Facebook Business Sales?

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Posted 8th June 2017 at 08:43 AM by Mission0ps

fbmeChat for Facebook, the new AI that detects what to your visitor is looking for, delivers answers to their queries, and does it all effortlessly, without you even having to touch a button.

So now chatbots are officially a thing! Facebook chat bots – have you heard about them, have you been engaged by one in your own private messages?

We’re going to take a look at one particular system www.fbme.chat to see what benefits it brings and how you can use it to boost revenue in your own business.

But first… What IS A ChatBot?

Short for chat robot, a computer program that simulates human conversation, or chat, through artificial intelligence. Typically, a chat bot will communicate with a real person.

Chatbots are used in applications such as ecommerce customer service, call centers and Internet gaming. Chat bots used for these purposes are typically limited to conversations regarding a specialized purpose… the question I suppose is: … can they influence customer choice in your business?

Most certainly

As the solution provider you have the endgame in mind, You know where you want to lead your prospects and you know what questions they will have. The purpose of chatbots like fbme.chat Is that you’re able to put the answers in front of your prospects eyes right inside their personal facebook messenger inbox just at the right time.

There is no hard selling going on, it seems like her seamless personal conversation between you and your new Facebook fan.

Difference Between fbmechat and the others?

fbmeChat functions

There’s no denying that entering into a conversation with your facebook fans builds trust, however with a ‘regular FB chatbots you’ll likely be displaying some type platform branding, and that’s far from personal.

Imagine the disappointment when your new fan realises their engaging with a bot and not YOU the page owner, fbme.chat illuminates that being built to represent you the page admin.

Bots seem to be popping up in all industries lately, but it’s no surprise, as you can see they do add value, save money, save time and don’t require tea breaks!

Technology is driving the movement digitally, on websites and via messaging applications like facebook messengers weChat and the m.me platform. The tech that’s powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, is learning your needs in a conversational manner. The goal, of course, is to sell you something faster and encourage the user to buy more product.

You can easily guide your prospects through ‘hoops to get to where you need them to be, see what happens when you comment on the post here.
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