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5 Things You Should Know About Healthcare App Development

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Posted 3rd February 2015 at 10:47 AM by MobiDev

There are certain peculiarities that unite all apps related to the healthcare industry. These peculiarities define the development process and ensure the quality of the outcome. If you are busy in this industry, you know the rules of the game. Demands as for quality vary from very high (conventional health & fitness apps) to exceptionally high (software for internal use at medical institutions). Here are 5 rules that play the most significant role by development for healthcare.

#1. You need to pay special attention to the quality of your software, and demand this quality from your development team.

The industry has exceptional requirements for the precision of data and measurements. Even if your MVP is the smallest fitness tracker. People spend plenty of time with their personal mobile devices; interactions with apps have to be seamless, otherwise they'll abandon it. Here it doesn't matter how often the software is used. If it has quality, value, and convenience in the first place, it runs very low risks of getting erased from a person's smartphone.

#2. The interface has to be easily understandable, user-friendly and intuitive at first touch. The risks of a user not finding and/or accessing the needed information or feature must be at an absolute minimum.

For example, this is essential for internal apps for patient care. It's all about precision and automation, while any piece of data can be requested immediately. In healthcare time is vital in every sense of the word. It can be up to building a complex system with different levels of authorization among hospital staff, and plenty of hospitals utilize such software.

#3. Users of healthcare apps may not be active mobile users in the first place. That's why it's reasonable to minimize and simplify complex logic.

For example, you may be interesting in creating an app for health insurance management. There are hospitals and other required health establishments to search for on the map, scheduling within the app and a place to store contacts, pharmacies and hospitals. There's insurance management itself: tracking expenses using invoices or changing the insurance program. Or maybe your users are interested in various health-related events that are dedicated to particular problems? You know the system perfectly, but there is always room for optimization of logic. This is where the help of a great UX/UI designer is invaluable. Whatever your core set of features is, it works well only when combined with the knowledge of UI guidelines for every mobile platform you want to cover.

#4. There is also huge competition on the health & fitness market. Relevance of data and visual attraction are vital as well.

What's good about the health & fitness market is that you can rather easily identify the target audience. You can identify their exact needs and give them the product they are looking for. That's a narrow niche. At least, it's way more narrow than social networks, which gather together people of completely different interests, countries, and mindsets. Fitness fans are more predictable: their habits, evident goals, and attitudes. Your designer will help you make your app a distinguished, preferable, and obvious choice.

#5. Security is the key. The confidentiality of private health data equals that of financial information.

Such software is obliged to meet HIPAA security standards in the first place. It has to be built to prevent any leaks of private information: patient profiles and histories, visits and scheduled examinations, treatment details and prescriptions, requests and forms, and any data stored in medical apps. Trying to cut costs where possible obviously doesn't work for healthcare. You'll need a custom backend to contain business logic and databases that you'll have complete control over.

Since our team has been into healthcare development for quite a time, we are confident that sticking to these five rules really helps maintain your product at an all-time high. Great tools enhance the industry and work for its users, thus working for software owners. Whatever your particular branch, whatever your product is, we believe that our experience in combination with your knowledge in the subject matter is a perfect foundation for a product of high quality. Feel free to contact us with any further questions.
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