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Thank you for reading!

This blog is about Masterminds - Medicine Men and The Power of Vision - and how that fits in with success and making money.

Most Masterminds fail because they are not formed as Masterminds, run as masterminds, and the members recruited were not selected for their ability to help the mastermind members to succeed.

Medicine Men - REAL Medicine Men are literally Wealth Creators. From years of meeting with and training with some really cool Native American elders, I have learned tons about how your Integrity, Focus and Vision impact your wealth.

Thank you again for reading, sharing, and making the world a much better place by pursuing wealth and success.

Twenty Twenty
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Who not to Mastermind With - IF you are serious about success

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Posted 1st March 2009 at 08:42 AM by mr2020

Hey mate,

This is ONE of those very important questions you've got to answer EARLY ON in your Mastermind. If you don't, your mastermind will probably become more of a social hour...

So with success in mind...

"Who should you NEVER mastermind with, if you are really SERIOUS about success?"

This is important to your bottom line.

It all comes down to HOW you select members for your Mastermind Alliance.

You should NEVER pick people for your mastermind alliance because:

A: You like them.
B: They are like you.

This is the NUMBER #2 reason why mastermind groups fail. The founders recruit the WRONG people.

Notice this...

Go to the bar, or any public place. Look around. Notice that most people tend spend time with people who they like, and who they are like.

That's A and B above.

Listen into their conversations. Go ahead, I give you permission. If you get caught, tell them I said hello.

Notice that most of their conversations don't have any spark, no original ideas, no real energy that can be applied to action.

The reason there is no spark, no energy, no action is that they are "hanging out" with "like".


A powerful battery has two poles - and it's power comes from having these two poles that are very different from each other, yet they are aligned in a way that makes them work together for a common objective.

So pick people for your mastermind with two things in mind.

Make sure they are different.
Make sure they can make a difference.

Pick people for your Mastermind Group who will:

A: Inspire you because of what they are doing and what they will do. Imagine being in a Mastermind Group that doesn't have to keep you accountable, because they keep you inspired.

B: Challenge you to THINK Powerfully. Powerful thinking comes from being with a POSITIVE group who has members who help you develop more PRECISION in your work.

C: Get you to take more actions from "The Edge". If you take actions from the "middle" of your comfort zone, you will only get so far. Go to the edge, get people in your group who will challenge you to live more and produce more from THE EDGE.

In my book, The Five Star Mastermind System - You'll learn the FIVE Essential Qualities EVERY Mastermind Member must have - to radically amplify the energy - focus and success of the group and it's members. Get it here: Five Star Mastermind System by Twenty Twenty

In a nutshell, if you are forming a Mastermind Alliance, pick people who will bring CHARGE energy to the group, and help it's members experience more spark.

Have a powerful day!

Your friend,

Mr. Twenty Twenty

PS: Since you are here on the Warrior Forum, if you decide to get the Five Star Mastermind System handbook for just $12 bucks... I give you license to print it out for all the members of your mastermind group. I know and believe that Masterminds are one of the HUGE KEYS to changing YOUR economy - as well as the World's Economy. Form and run an effective one TODAY! Whooo Yah!
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