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Inspiration And Testimonial To Those Who Are Struggling

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Posted 7th December 2015 at 04:09 AM by Nate92

To Those Who Are Struggling To Make Money Online, Read My Story, And NEVER GIVE UP!

First off, Who I Am;

My name is Nate, or Nathan, and I'm a 23 year-old internet marketer and product creator.

I wasn't always good at the things I do now, and I'll be honest, I recently got into live recorded videos for a free training I created to simply get people started in the right direction as far as doing SOMETHING. But more about that later...

I recently wrote a comment on a thread that had a free report on why people will most likely fail with internet marketing, and as I read the report, I was shaken with how true it really was, because it took me about 3 years to realize every single point he stated were true for myself.

Like I said, I started out online about 3 years ago. I came across IM(Internet Marketing) by accident, because I was looking for ways to create a second income on the side of my job, because let's be honest... It was a J.O.B.(Just Over Broke) lifestyle, and I hated not being anything other than a slave for someone else, making only enough to pay my bills and have sandwiches until my paycheck. Rinse and repeat, right? Yeah, it sucked!

Anyways, I got sucked into a program, I'm sure some or most of you have heard, of a product called "Google Sniper". Now, I am in no way promoting it, in fact, quite the opposite now, simply because it is nearly irrelevant in today's Google algorithm.

I created a website selling some music software. I did the whole shabang. From a home page that explains myself, what the product is, how it works, a review page, loaded with keywords for "sniping", and everything.

After a few months, I believe about 6 months of writing and commenting everywhere I could, I got nothing for my work. I about gave up, then one day, I made a sale. YEAH BABY! $45!!! WHAT?!

I was insanely excited... but wait. It gets better! Google changed their algorithm and did a wipe for "thin" sites and not only did I get bumped down, only a few slots on Google(luckily! Most people lost 1st page rankings all together!), but the company I was affiliating for lost most of their major affiliates and stopped making a lot of money.

Because of this, I went from nothing the first 6 months of commenting on forums and articles in the far reaches of the internet, to making $45, getting my first taste at work paying off, to having my affiliate program ripped out from under me.

My site was completely lost. All that work for nothing. I was so furious when I went to check my stats, and the entire program was shut down, that I just deleted my website and went back to sucking it up at my J.O.B.

Hope's Light Never Fades When Their Is Faith And Progress!

About a year later, I got curious and started going back online to see if anything ridiculous had destroyed anyone else's dreams.

However, the only thing I could really find was how people said that yes, things changed, but they adapted, and kept moving on and are making more than ever because they stuck with it when others bailed!

So go figure, I decided to start learning all I could about the internet, marketing, socializing, JV Partnerships, Affiliate Marketing, etc. You name it, I researched it and read 20+ eBooks, as well as paperback on each subject and more. I realized that the saying "knowledge is more valuable than gold" is true, because once you learn, you can earn so much more! I'll get to that in a bit...

The point of me reading and studying so much was to saturate my mind with everything I could possibly question, simply for the reason that I couldn't talk myself out of it by saying "I don't know much about that, I think I'll look for something else". Hell no! Not anymore! I wanted to be a subject matter expert before I even started up again.

Anyways, long story short, instead of looking for another "Make $_____ in ___ Days!", I looked for "Start from the ground, learn the ropes, and earn more as you learn more". This isn't pretty, and if you're new, I know it's not attractive as most people want $$$ NOW! Like that ad or whatever, "It's my money, and I need it now!" Well, guess what pal? It's going to cost you more time and money than you think, and it sure as hell isn't going to be right now! If you want to make money online, you better prove to the world that you're willing to fight and die for it, and right before you think you're done, it'll be given to you for your efforts!

My mentor didn't say that to me, but what he did say is that before I started making money online, I needed to think more positively, and think with a mindset for success. He said "Look, if you want to make money online, you first need to put in the work offline". So, he gave me a "To-Do" list with a bunch of eBooks and a few books to ready, all which I could easily borrow from the library.

After I did that, I came back and sent him a few emails with my thoughts and ideas and he said "Great, looks like you're thinking more for success than out of frustration and desperation. Let's get started".

He taught me the basics of designing a simple website, why certain things go where, how things should be done, and why basic is better than bulky, etc. He taught me the dirty, gritty work that most "guru's" never even mention in their courses, simply because people would turn around and walk away if they saw what it takes to truly be successful online. It's not pretty, and no one wants to do "hard work". And this, my friend, is why 90% of people who try to make money online utterly fail. Why? Because they are too lazy to even read an eBook or write a few pages, or hire some outsourced workers, or learn a little more to earn a little more.

Anyways, he made me work. Man, he put me to work so hard, I was literally working a full time job online ON TOP of my full time job! I was working 2 jobs and only one of them was paying me!

However, get this... After 4 months of him saying "stick with it! What'd you do today? Where's your work? What'd you learn? What'd you read? What forum did you join? What color t-shirt are you wearing?(just kidding, but seriously, he asked me about everything I did!)", I was about to lose my mind. I was worn out, I was frustrated, I was pissed off because I wasn't seeing many results at all, no money made, etc.

Towards the end of that 4th month, I made my second sale ever online. I made about $25. I sent him an email, and to this day, I will never forget what he said... "That $25 is the first raindrop of the spring. Soon, it will be followed by a rainstorm on your crop that you had put so much work into preparing. You will reap the rewards for the work you've done, and believe me, my friend, you deserve it all."

You know what? I cried. You're damn right I cried. I cried my eyes out. This man had me about to cry and delete my email, my website, my affiliate accounts, and everything because he was always on me to push through, do something EVERY day, learn something new EVERY day, make another social connection EVERY day, outsource something EVERY day... But guess what... This man made me realize that nothing comes free. Nothing comes easy, and nothing is quick. But if you don't expect it to be easy, and you don't expect it to be quick, and you don't expect it to be simple, then you will understand what it takes to be successful.

Fast-Forward From Nothing To Something

By the end of the 6th month after I had started my apprenticeship, I was making anywhere from about $200-$500/month over the previous two months.

That was enough to help pay my rent, and so I cut back on my J.O.B., stopped volunteering for overtime, and started putting in all the work I already knew how to do on another site.

By the time I was done with that one another 3 months later, my previous site was doing quite well, and now I have another machine making me another $200-$500/month.

It took me over half a year just to learn marketing, implement my BASIC strategies, and create a simple website that is now officially making me a truly passive income.

Fast-forward a year to today, and I have several websites, as well as a few products online. My products are in the "health and fitness", as well as 3 in the IM niche, one of which is in my signature. It's nothing fancy, as I created it simply to teach my friends and family where to start and just get them on a path to progress.

My Final Words That Should Never Be Forgotten

Look... I'm not going to email you every day, or call you on skype and tell you to show me everything you've done before I'll let you take time off for what you want to do.

I'm not going to say "anyone can make money online" in this post, simply because, there are people who are just too damn lazy and will refuse to put it the work that it takes to build a real, healthy, honest business/income online.

If you are too lazy to read a few eBooks, take some notes, piece together a strategy, and put in the efforts, and keep pushing till your legs are about to give out from all the hard work you're putting in, then this isn't for you.

My recommendation is you check out offering services, such as freelance writing or being a worker for an outsourcing company. Once you start doing tasks, you will see that everything people are paying you to do, which isn't all that hard in reality, they are using to build their success.

You will make money, don't worry. Just not as much as they possibly are. It's just because they are taking action and not letting their objections get in the way of their dreams, and you shouldn't either.

Whether you want to sell other people's products, or you want to create your own product, go for it!

My website is very basic, and it's just a simple hobby for me to help a few people without charging them, simply so that they can get a taste for online tasks, building a website, and creating a piece of property that they can grow into an income.

I have been asked by many to create a full, detailed course on everything I was taught, and I plan to do just this. In fact, I have already started.

The point is, I am taking action, and I have, and still am, creating a future that I have dreamed about for a long time.

What are you doing right now, other than reading this, that is going to help you do SOMETHING to make PROGRESS for yourself?!

"Earn as you learn!" If you aren't learning, you aren't taking action, and if you aren't taking action, YOU ARE NOT MAKING MONEY!

Look... I'm just a young, dumb 23 year-old guy with a dream. I started 3 years ago, and it took me about 2 years to realize that if you don't take action, and you're putting off simple daily tasks to make progress, you're never going to make anything significant for yourself.

Write down some goals, get some motivation, read some eBooks, paperback books, or anything... email some people online that are successful... Just get something that will put a spark in you to pick one thing, and push it till you make it or break it!

I hope that this at least opens some of your eyes, and realize that if it says "Make $$$ FAST!", they are the ones making money off of you and your lack of understanding, and then running away with a stuffed bank account and you are left clueless on what to do next.

I wish you all the best of luck, go out there and find a system that works for you, and most of all... MAKE IT WORK AND DO NOT GIVE UP!
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