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How to make money with Niche sites

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Posted 12th September 2014 at 03:19 AM by NBAY

Keep it simple!
The formula is very easy to do. It requires a website, a decent but preferably good digital product and then you need the quality traffic.

WEBSITE: The easiest way to get started is to by a PLR product that is already pre-built. Some will even come with a digital product. Buy one that looks professional and then customized the website and the digital product if it comes with one. You can buy a premade Niche site from: NBAY.COM/superstore

DIGITAL PRODUCT: This you can also get as a PLR product in the form of an eBook or you can make your own using a PDF editor. Do a search on google for relatively inexpensive products that allow you to create and brand a pdf and this will be your digital product.

FREE TRAFFIC: You have two choices for traffic. You can use organic traffic or paid traffic. The organic traffic comes in a variety or forms be it video traffic from site similar to youtube or via search engine traffic. To learn how to get organic traffic do a search on youtube for how to get free traffic. http://LetMeGoogleForYou.com

PAID TRAFFIC: Alternatively to organic traffic is to use paid traffic. The benefit of using paid traffic is that you can start seeing immediate results. Compared to organic traffic which can take weeks or even months to start getting traffic. Paid traffic starts sending you traffic just as soon as you have paid the money. Depending on your niche the most popular paid traffic sources to use for beginners is either Facebook or the Bing.com search engine. Start small and work your way up once you have tweaked all aspects of your sales funnel. Fore free training on how to start a facebook advertising campaign check out these videos: www.LetMeGoogleForYou.com

These are the basic fundamentals that any successful marketer is using. They are tried and tested. Some may use less while others will be more elaborate but they all have these common elements.
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