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Internet Marketing: The Last Bastion Of Male Chauvinism?

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Posted 24th May 2013 at 06:31 AM by ncairncross

I was talking to Judith the other day about wanting to share a stage with the “big dogs” of internet marketing and she asked me why I had such a huge burning desire to do that. I hadn’t really stopped to think about it much, but I know there is a real lack of female internet marketers, although there are no shortage of successful female entrepreneurs and executives in the marketing and direct marketing world. And everyone says they want more women on stage to encourage other women to get going.

I don’t think of myself as a feminist but I do believe we have as much right as men to do (and behave) however we want. But I quite like to take my internet marketing boots off at the front door, I love male company as well as female and find Alpha Males very attractive indeed. So being around the “big dogs” sure works for me, but I want their respect as well as their attention. Perhaps it’s akin to wanting the approval of “daddy” eh?

Some of my early female inspirations in the internet marketing world were Sylvie Fortin, Donna Fox and Jenny Armato, and I really enjoyed Debra Thompson-Roedl on stage at the World Internet Summit just this year. Actually the WIS boys are very good at putting women on regularly and Brett did not strike me as a sexist in any way when we hung out together recently. And I’m really looking forward to going on an internet marketers cruise with 300 internet marketers where I know a large percentage of the delegates will be women.

Come to think of it. Joel Comm’s “Next Internet Millionaire” reality TV show was won by a woman too…a very pretty but steely determined type called Jaime Luchuck, who looks like a lot of fun – you can read her story here. Then there is the very famous iJustine on….

Looking back a couple of weekends, I know Brett McFall was surprised when he saw so many women in the audience for our live event…..So I was intrigued to read about Donna Fox’s visit to the invitation only Eban Pagan “Green Room event here on her blog

Donna says “I recently had the pleasure of attending Eben Pagan’s “Green Room” a secret gathering of 100 elite among the top internet marketing movers and shakers. As I rubbed elbows with my old friends like Mike Filsaime, Stephen Pierce, Ben Mack, Alex Mandossian, Dave Lakhani, Jeff Walker, Jason Moffatt, Ryan Kaltman, Joel Comm, Harris Fellman, Tom Beal, Keith Wellman, Gary Ambrose, Brad Fallon, Tellman and others you’ll no doubt recognize…

…and even more people who I’ve never heard of, like one guy who’s spending $150,000 a DAY on his adwords ads (so I think he probably knows a thing or two)… or a call center owner who has an amazing close ratio…

something became glaringly obvious to me…

I was the only girl there.

Yep, in a rush to get 100 of the top marketers to the event, Eben had forgotten the women.

it’s important to note, I wasn’t originally invited by Eben directly, my friend Ben Mack weaseled me in with some strong words of suggestion.

Ok, before I go further,I’ll confess to two things. First, I don’t know if Eben invited any women that chose not to attend. If so, big mistake on their part. Second, I wasn’t the “only” women there. There were 4 more. Two Ebean employees, one bartender and a wife. Which may go to explaining a little bit of the reception I got at the event.

“Who are you here with?” was the most common first question I was asked by a stranger. Yep, as if I couldn’t have possibly been there on my own, like they were expecting me to be a wife or employee… or cocktail waitress

But mostly, they just ignored me. They would say hi or introduce themselves to all the men in a group I was standing in, then with much discomfort and pointedness, their eyes would just float over my head, never making eye contact, to go onto the next person. It was surreal…..

I was going to include a link to the rest of this fascinating article on her blog but it appears to have disappeared!

However, we could carry on the conversation in the comments here!
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