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Top 10 Entrepreneurs Blogs

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Posted 10th April 2013 at 08:16 AM by ncairncross

I wanted to put together a list of my favourite “Top 10 Entrepreneurs Blogs” because I believe that, as entrepreneurs, whether online or offline, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening, particularly with regards to your business development and marketing.

Sometimes, even the most positive and upbeat entrepreneur needs a dose of inspiration and motivation and that’s where these great blogs can come in.

I’m excited to tell you, that after only one day, this post shot into pole position as my most shared blog post ever! It’s also been described by Brendan Quinn as “the best non-video post I have seen on google+ “

You won’t find too many famous entrepreneurs here, although I do occasionally check out Richard Branson’s blog. There are so many blogs that talk about business, although not necessarily about being an entrepreneur, how do you cut down on the overwhelm and keep focused rather than getting sucked into cyberspace for hours?

My preference is to follow a limited number of blogs / websites where the main author is very much still at the helm, and some of them are very young entrepreneurs indeed. I hate it when it all becomes corporate or too much about guest bloggers (although I’ve largely got over that with the first blog on the list here, as Yaro Starak pops up very frequently to remind us just whose blog it is).

If you were just going to add 10 blogs to your Feedreader or Google Reader, these are the 10 that I would recommend. If there is anything big going down in the world of business, or online business, these people will let you know about it.

So, without more ado, I hope you enjoy my….

Top 10 Entrepreneurs Blogs (For Real Entrepreneurs)


I’ve been reading Yaro’s blog for years now (I once took a whole day in between Christmas and New Year and worked my way from Day One onwards just to see how he did it!) and I love it still. From Yaro’s revealing, sometimes painfully honest own posts through to the quality contributors from a whole range of entrepreneurs he has enlisted recently, you never know if you are going to get solid tips to blogging or marketing online, time management, offline marketing tips or motivation to updates about what Yaro is up to now. I welcome the updates on his Mum’s recent stroke and slow recovery, because Yaro draws lessons from everything that happens and every post is genuinely great content.


I was recommended to Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income by someone I know that that I respect a lot – and who doesn’t suffer fools gladly – and I wasn’t disappointed. From his monthly detailed inspirational income reports to his totally awesome SPI app (which feeds his blog, podcast and anything else SPI onto your iPhone, Pat tells it like it is and like Yaro, interviews some truly quality people. Pat freely admits that becoming an entrepreneur was never on his radar, being perfectly happy in his architects job until he was laid off but now he loves the entrepreneurs’ lifestyle. I wonder which of Pat & Yaro got to Chris Guillabeau first?!! Both interviews of Chris on both blogs are well worth listening to, by the way, as they cover different ground and totally convinced me to buy his book “$100 Startups” which is also excellent so check out his blog The Art Of Non-Conformity too.


There is nothing I like better than discovering another MONSTER blog post from Glen Allsopp, a Brit who lives in South Africa now I believe. Always well researched and put together, Glen specialises in really chunky posts which cover all kinds of topics to interest any entrepreneurs. He recently did a blogging case study with Andrea, a journalist from The Guardian which was really interesting and all credit to her, she actually finished the task, unlike so many others who say they want free mentoring and that they will blog the process. Having been featured in a major UK newspaper like that, the only way is up for Glen. He’s also the inventor of Optin Skin Plugin, one of the nicest paid plugins for WordPress after Pop Up Domination.


This is the blog of my one of my own mentors Rich Schefren, where he posts far too infrequently for my liking – he’s testing the effectiveness of many different channels to market at the moment – but it’s always good stuff when he does. His first report “The Internet Business Manifesto” has been downloaded over 1 million times and it really was a game-changer for many top gurus and then ordinary entrepreneurs. Rich really does think very differently about business, on and offline, to anyone else I’ve even come across. I’ve been a member of his Business Growth System and Guided Profit System coaching programmes for years now and I still listen faithfully to every single client call Q&A – some go to 5 hours! – as I learn so much from the other entrepreneurs questions too. Also check out Rich’s Facebook page which seems to be more active than the blog right now. He doesn’t really tweet.

* The Running Lean Blog

Recommended to his clients by Rich recently, the “lean” series of books has had a big impact on me too. First up is “Getting To Plan B” by John Mullins & Randy Komisar, which outlines a concept that all new entrepreneurs should grasp – your first plan probably isn’t going to work! Then you should read “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries, then “Running Lean” by Ash Maurya, and this is Ash’s blog based on his other company’s website at Spark59. What I like about it is the ongoing emphasis on running a lean business, once started, and constant striving for simplifying your “minimum viable product”, systems and KPI’s which tell us whether we are improving or not. With my ADD, OCD and big picture thinking, Ash Maurya’s systems were made for me (and, I think, most entrepreneurs!) The “Getting To Plan B” boys don’t’ seem to blog but Eric Ries does at so check that out too.


I only came across Lilach Bullock just recently but she’s a whiz at blogging / tweeting / facebooking about social media and entrepreneurialism to the point where I’ve pretty much given up on other excellent sites like and even largely Lilach is what’s known as a maven, she collects the best social media bits from across the web and shares them freely – several times a day – via Twitter, Facebook and her blog. Lilach shows how blogging curation should be done! You will always be up to date if you subscribe to even if you can’t say it very well.


Now don’t be put off by the rather geeky name of this blog, it really is a “must subscribe” for any business owner as you can apply the concepts to offline advertising and marketing too. If you are wanting to build a successful business online, then you really can’t miss it. came across this blog as I accidentally ended up in a mastermind group with one of the founders and I’ve followed it ever since. Essentially, using split testing takes all the guesswork out of your business and the testing philosophy espoused by (the genuine rocket scientist) Dr Karl Blanks fits brilliantly with the Lean principles outlined above. Get to the “minimum viable product” type website and then just start testing. Puzzle over the best headline or how much to charge no longer. Listen, if this website can explain the intricacies and importance of multi-variate testing to my big picture little brain, then anyone can understand it. Make sure and download their 101 Ways To Improve Your Website Conversion Tips while you are there. Just ignore the squirrel!


Well, I have to include my own blog don’t I? Just in case this post gets shared / ripped off! I might not be one of the best bloggers in the world but I’ve been blogging since 1999 / 2000 on any topics I found interesting, from wealth creation, internet marketing, business success, success thinking, time management, internet marketing – even when I didn’t know that was what I was doing. Truly, it feels very odd when I don’t blog at least once in a week. I use my blog to keep me accountable and moving forwards and always have.

Perhaps a case of “I blog (and tweet) therefore I am”?

I try and share, in plain English and a conversational style, all the things that I find useful in my entrepreneur’s journey – and it is a journey that will probably never end. I tend to favour the thought processes type blogs more now than the practical stuff – there are so many other people doing that better nowadays – so I try and focus on encouraging new entrepreneurs to have a go, but also on how to keep going when it feels like times are tough.

I really believe that you only fail when you give up and I try and share that attitude with my blog and ezine readers and personal mentoring clients, by way of keeping my own online business diary at least fortnightly.

New kid on the blog block but rapidly becoming a “must read” for me. Started by ex-client then business partner Judith Morgan and ex-client and Money Gym coach turned Website Designer / WordPress Expert Marion Ryan, they not only both write brilliantly themselves, but they have quickly recruited a whole international team of fellow business owners / bloggers from the down to earth, to the sublime through the totally metaphysical. This self-styled “Superblog” is set for world domination I’m sure!

My business partner in, Neil Asher writes a straight shooting blog that not only tells it like it is, but gets right to the core of what being an entrepreneur is all about. Refreshingly free from any distractions (unless you call naked ladies distracting LOL) Neil’s the genuine article.

Sorely missed!

Dave Navarro’s “Rock Your World” and Naomi Dunford’s “Ittybiz” - I know why you’ve disappeared but I hope you come back soon guys!

In Conclusion

If you are thinking of started a blog, particularly one targeting entrepreneurs, here’s my top tips for building a following:

* Blog regularly, or keep to a schedule. I know Rich and Glen don’t blog that often but they are consistent so I know that.

* Inject some of your own story into your content. Actually, inject a LOT of your own story into the content.

*Share what works but also what doesn’t. To those of us in the trenches, this is what makes you one of the real entrepreneurs
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