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The Best Affiliate Program for 2016

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Posted 5th March 2016 at 05:23 AM by NetworxNZ

Hi guys & gals - after more than 7 years of Internet Marketing / Make Money online experience, I thought it was about time for me to step up and tell my story and give my views on what I believe is simply the best affiliate marketing program available in 2016 - what's more if your brand new and you're not even sure what "affiliate marketing is" but have been looking for the best legitimate home based business - this is for you!

Read Below if You Want to Know More About THE MOST Valuable, Legitimate and Sensible Home Based Business Today!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, you may have noticed that the financial landscape that we enjoyed in the late 2000’s has now long past. Most families are struggling. There is a very marked disparity between the wealthy and the poor and, if you’re anything like me, you may have experienced massive financial upset and loss over the past few years due to corporate layoffs, redundancies or whatever.

But along with those negatives, I believe, there is now a greater sense of awareness from the general public. People have worked out that banks and governments track record just recently is not good and the cost as been significant – and not to those at the top, but for the likes of me and you. It’s the “middle-class” that have borne the brunt of this financial mismanagement. The middle class are not so middle anymore.

That’s What Primarily Attracted Me to Karatbars – the notion of making gold affordable to the masses.

In the past, the price of gold when you have had to purchase it in 1 ounce amounts of bullion or more, is far too expensive for most individuals or families to contemplate. Karatbars has changed that.

Karatbars International are a privately owned company based in Germany. They are well established in that they are now over 6 years old and have an established track record of delivering gold to people all around the world.

People often tell me they want to do their “due diligence” on Karatbars.

My answer is this…

“Do you think the Lawyers at Fedex, Mastercard, The Vatican, Moto GP etc have not done theirs?
(And now I can add Real Madrid FC)

Real Madrid FC is the worlds most valuable sports club and the worlds highest earning Football Club.
See -

Karatbars are now an official licensed partner and are selling Real Madrid Collector Cards directly from the website.
In terms of credibility and partnering with major sporting organisations it doesn’t get any bigger than this!

Karatbars only gets bigger and stronger as a brand with every passing month. Major companies do their due diligence on every business they work with and Karatbars pass every test put to them.

Karatbars – A Proven Track Record
Credibility is not something Karatbars need to worry about in 2016. Over 36,000 customers in 121 countries,
6 solid years, no missed deliveries, no missed commission payments. A debt free business with huge plans for the next ten years. In fact this year their target is to reach over 1,000,000 happy customers and affiliates.

Karatbars is a genuine business you can be proud of. You are helping others protect themselves against a very uncertain economic future.
It is something you can talk about over dinner without people leaving the table!

Their products have real tangible value - pure currency grade gold in small denominations that make buying and saving in gold affordable. As a Karatbars affiliate you are rewarded based upon sales of products. They are introducing new products all the time and now have an amazing range of gold gift cards, country cards, gold coins and even offer "branded gold cards" so if you want to target say luxury car dealerships as just one example - you can!

They have two affiliate plan options - the first is free to join and allows you to get paid monthly commissions based upon the sales of high quality gold products by people directly referred by you. The second option - and what I recommend serious affiliate marketers / business owners to do is to buy a "Business Package" that allows you to participate in whats known as "the Dual System" - this allows you to be paid weekly and you are rewarded in 7 different ways.

The best thing I like about Karatbars compared to things like iPas, Empower network, MLSP etc etc
(and I know as I've had experience with all of those program too) is that there are no monthly or annual fees, no sales targets, no washing away of points or any of that sort of rubbish.

It's a very simple and very honest way of rewarding affiliates. Whats more, your rewards are pretty much endless.

So, I'm putting all of my efforts into this great affiliate program this year and I'd love to help you build your own online empire too - to sign up for the best affiliate program available in 2016 goto and choose
"Affiliate" when you select the registration page.

If you'd like more information go to Synergy Gold Group for access to a free video that explains more about the business and I'll also send to you a free report outlining exactly why it's vital to start saving in gold now and how you can build a very lucrative work at home business by helping others save in gold too!
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