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Be Your Own Boss With An Internet Business

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Posted 17th February 2013 at 06:12 PM by NewRiseDigital

One of the best things about running your own internet business is that you set your own agenda. You decide when you work, where you work and how you work.

Successful author, and co-founder of Internet Business Kick Start, Katy Dee tells us what a typical day is like when you are your own boss, running an internet business…

Its 8am on a beautiful sunny day, the car is due for its service and MOT so I drop it off at the garage. The lovely man behind the counter says, “I’ll have the Nissan ready for you round 2.30 is that OK Miss Dee?” “Yeah sure” I reply. I leave the keys with him and decide to work in one of the nearby coffee shops, which have all the facilities I require right at my finger tips. Internet connection? Check. Ladies powder room? Check. Comfy seats and a great working atmosphere? Check.

At least for the next hour or so my office location has been decided, not that I’m a huge fan of shopping however I may feel like a little break later on and browse round the local stores which beats to-ing and fro-ing to pick the car up. If I fancy some light exercise perhaps Ill find a bargain in one of the many charity shops after all that’s the beauty of a charity shop as you never know what you’ll discover while at the same time, helping some great causes.

English breakfast tea with soya please, (cant wait to get started got some great content to write today) you know what, make it a tall one I say to the lady behind the till, (I may be here a while. I set up my laptop ready for the days work.

So Steve the mechanic said he’ll take a look at the car and give me a ring with an estimate in an hour or so I’ll be able to squeeze in some quality articles in the meantime.

I get started, open up Word on my laptop and plug my iPhone headphones in, what shall I listen to today, OK I think a bit of classical music will do, that’ll get me in the creative writing mood. The free WiFi connection has already automatically connected on both my laptop and smart phone. I start writing. Contemplating my next sentence, I hear the sound of a car beeping frantically. Briefly I stare out the window, and see a line of cars stuck in traffic, the people inside look stressed out men and woman rushing past the shop window dressed in suits on their way to work. They don’t look happy. It’s a warm day; I feel the breeze of the cafes gentle air conditioner. Sure beats sweating the day long hours for an employer, in a hot stuffy office.

Just as I complete my first article and decide to check my e mail. I’ve learnt that switching your e mail off when completing a task is best. I skim through the surge of e mails, then ‘bing’ another email. I quickly look over it, and reply. Then ‘bing’ another e mail, this time a Facebook alert. OK now time to focus, e mail alert off, volume to music turned on full. The music stops and so I select some classic 80’s tracks to get some energy going. Writing with the high energy rhythm spurs me on to write a second and now third article.

I’m jolted by my phones ring tone, “Hi miss Dee its Steve here from the garage,” (wow has it been an hour already? Well I guess time flies when you’re having fun); “I’m just calling to let you know the car estimate before I go ahead with the work.” “OK how much will it cost?” I ask,. “Well with labour at x pounds per hour it’s gonna take me around 2 hours plus parts and Vat”. It’s great to have my laptop with me so I can simply open the calculator on the accessories section of my computer. “OK Steve that’s fine you can go ahead with the work, you always do a great job, and I know you never go above the estimate price so how long do you think it will take?” “Should be ready for you around 2.30 Miss Dee so you can pop by then ill get working on it straight away.” “That’s great news, thanks Steve, see you then!”

I look at my wrist no watch, I very rarely wear a watch or jewellery for that matter, I like to be free, the time on my laptop says its now 9.30 and I’ve already achieved a lot today, car in garage, articles written and its not even close to midday. I carry on writing.

In another mid article, my music on stops, and I catch a glimpse of the waitress hovering near my table, with my earphones in, I’m guessing that she wants to know if she can take my tray away, thanks, that was lovely. With the drink now gone, I marvel at how blessed I am, and how wonderful it is to be able to decide where to work from. Being able work from anywhere in the world, indoors, outdoors, at home or away gives you a real sense of freedom, after all freedom is what running your own business is all about isn’t it? And all it took was a decision to finally commit to running my own business.

This gets me thinking perhaps ill book a week in Cornwall UK next week and work from the beach, I have a client there that I would like to see
And now that the music’s stopped I can hear the lady behind me chatting on her phone. Talking of phones my phone rings, it’s Steve from the garage. “Your cars ready for pick up oh and it worked out cheaper than the quote as it didn’t take as long as I thought.” “That’s great news!” I said. I thought to myself, I’ll have some extra time this afternoon to have a look round those charity shops after all, and in the afternoon well, where shall I work from next?

This is the real beauty of running your own internet business, the freedom to make your own decisions of where and when you work. Perhaps next year I’ll book some time in Florida, I’m sure I’ve got some clients to see there, and what better location to work from then Miami Beach.

Decide your freedom – decide you are going to run your own internet business today and get started building your own dream career right now so you can say to yourself too, “Where shall I work from today?”

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