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The Top 10 Reasons For Starting An Internet Business

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Posted 28th February 2013 at 06:55 PM by NewRiseDigital

Internet Business Kick Start co founder Katy Dee runs through the top 10 reasons you should be starting your own internet business today!

1 – Tax Benefits

The first benefit which I noticed when starting my own business was that the tax office not only instructed me that my tax doesn’t require to be paid until the end of the year (just imagine a whole year where you can make interest on the money you have earned. Whilst working for an employer a tax code was allocated to me in order to determine how much money would be deducted from my very first pay check way before I even earned a penny. Looking at this way, it sounds like madness knowing that for the next year all that you will be earning is X amount at the end of it all. It’s almost like someone telling you your future in advance isn’t going to be all that rosy. That’s hardly a recipe for throwing your arms up in the air in joy.

Whilst running your own business doesn’t only delay you paying your tax it also means that you are able to claim all your business related expenses, such as office equipment, business related travel and many other expenses against tax. So lets say you hold a business seminar in – let’s see where do you fancy going… Hawaii? You can claim your hotel flight stay and food and all the costs incurred in delivering the seminar against your tax as long as it was all a business related cost.
Personally I’ve spent a fabulous week in Cannes in the south of France doing business at a global industry conference, and the whole week’s expenses were offset against tax. Nice!
Expenses that are incurred when you work for an employer are paid for by you! Think of all the work clothes, and travel costs driving or commuting to and from work which are rarely expenses to the employer and yet when you run your own business any cost incurred under the business for business use, can be taken into account against your tax.

Each country has its own set of regulations of what you can or can’t claim against tax. Please ensure that you check with your local tax authority or a qualified accountant if you have one before setting off on a holiday to the Caribbean and expensing it to a business trip. Better to be safe then out of pocket! If you can claim that legitimate business trip to the Caribbean against your tax then enjoy the sun and I hope you do some great business there at the same time.

2 – More time spent with your children loved ones friends and family
Another great reason to run your own business is that it allows YOU to decide how much time you wish to spend with your children family and or friends, and when.
One of the main reasons we started Internet Business Kick Start was that on my first day of my last ever role as an employee, I saw this really sweet woman about the same age as me, with a screen saver on her desktop of two of her beautiful young kids.
When I asked her if she would be heading off to see them after work, as they were on their school holidays, she simply replied, “oh by the time I get home I’m lucky if I get to see them to say goodnight before they get off to bed”. “So what time do you get home” I asked. “Oh 9 o’clock if I’m lucky” she said “I have a lot of work to complete here in the office”. I was astounded. I couldn’t believe that someone who had two such wonderful children, hardly ever got to spend time with them.
Even though I don’t yet have children I thought to myself that when I do, I want to ensure that I spend as much time as possible with them and have the choice of putting them before a boss.
So whether you have children, or you want to ensure that you have the choice of when you spend time with your friends, family or loved ones, or even if you actually want time to find a loved one, working for yourself enables YOU to decide when you work, and when you socialize. YOU dictate your time, your schedule, and by doing so you map out your own life. Now that sounds like living!

3 – Owning your time
Whilst working for an employer waiting for the hours until you clock off can be compared to watching paint dry,
Your time is your own dictate your own breaks and lunches and working hours
When I worked for an employer one of the things which I found most frustrating was that I didn’t have a say over when I took my lunch or breaks (if there was ever a break). There were times that due to staff rotas I would require to start work at 7am in the morning and depending on the work rota didn’t get a break until two, three or sometimes even four o’clock in the afternoon.
I can still remember how hungry I would be. On some jobs even my toilet breaks were allotted. Imagine how insane that is that when working for an employer you are not able to leave your desk even when desperate to go to the little girl’s room until you got the go ahead from the boss. How healthy can that be for your system?
One of the benefits of working for yourself is that not only can you decide when and where you take your breaks, you also decide for how long. If for example you wish to work overnight all night and sleep during the day that’s up to you. If you are like Walt Disney and decide that you don’t want a break at all as you are having so much fun at what you do, that’s fine too. Working for yourself means that you set your own agenda, and dictate what you do with your time.

4 – Health benefits
You are what you eat and if you eat fresh healthy food you will most certainly have more energy and feel at your best. Choosing to run a business gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose what to eat and when, and also the time to take exercise to keep your body healthy.
Running your own business means that you are able to have more time to prepare your own food. If you are working from home you can use your own kitchen facilities and ingredients. This means that there is no running around looking for a hurried quick and easy fast food snack to sustain you within the allotted time an employer gives you. When you feel good you look good and perform wonderfully, this in itself is a good reason to run your own business

5 -Work on what you truly love
One of the biggest benefits which I found to running your own business is that you can choose to work on something that you are truly passionate about. The knowledge that you can make other peoples lives better through running your own business is truly satisfying. Running your own business truly enables you to make a real difference to lots of people’s lives, whilst working for an employer restricts how many people you can reach. Some may say that running your own business is hard work, however working in what you truly love, doesn’t really seem like work at all.

6 – No limit or cap on your income
Running your own business means that the harder and smarter you work the more you can earn. There is no cap or yearly salary limit on your income. Put simply the more value you provide out there to the market the more people you help the more money will come back to you as a reward. There really is no limit to the amount you can earn and in fact there is no limit to the amount of businesses or ventures that you can run either.

7 – Choose your own work surroundings
One of the fabulous things about working for yourself is that you can choose your own work surroundings. From working from your home setting to working on the beach if you run an internet business – its your choice. When I worked for an employer I never quite understood why they didn’t allow their employees to work from home, after all don’t people do their best work where they feel happiest? Running your own business means working in your own happy surroundings. You can have calm new age music or if you wish for a more energetic atmosphere, heavy metal music to motivate you, the choice is yours.

8 -Be on Facebook all day and gain customers
A sound insane doesn’t it? In what other job would an employer allow you to be on a social networking site all day, and thank you for it? Running your own business means that utilizing social networking such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin is a great way for you to network and find more people who you can serve with your business product or service.

9 – Chose your work colleagues
The benefit of running your own business is that you can choose who you surround yourself with. Working for an employer gives you no control over your work colleagues, some of whom could turn out to be bullies or have behavior you find unacceptable. Running your own business means you choose who you work with, you hire and you fire!

10 – Choose to be yourself
When running your own business you can wear what you like, and be you! You can truly represent your own personality through your business. When you run an internet business the chances are that your location is irrelevant. You can choose what type of clothes to wear and if you wish to work in your pyjamas and slippers at home you can. All that matters is that you are delivering your service or product in the best possible way to your customers and making a difference to people’s lives. You could even be working and updating your blog posts from your sun lounger in a bikini and still making money. Sun lounger or stuffy office of an employer..? Hmm no contest!
And finally one of the best aspects of running your own business is that you can simply be you. There is no reason for pretence. When working for an employer you find that you require dressing in a certain way in order to fit in to conform to keep your job. If you wish to run your own business and have pink stripy hair, go do it. I know I have in the past – just be you! Enjoy the wonderful journey of what is running your own business. Go on make a difference.

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