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How To Drive Automatic Traffic To Your Website From Twitter And Other Social Media

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Posted 21st March 2013 at 10:31 AM by NewRiseDigital

When it comes to driving traffic to your website social media is a great way to let people know about new blog posts, new products and updates, or to simply keep connected with your audience. In particular Twitter is a great communication tool, but to make it effective you need to be tweeting at times during the day when your audience are going to be receptive to your messages, and keeping up with a tweeting schedule manually can be a real drain on your time when you're running your own business.

We came across a fantastic tool called Bufferapp.com that helps solve this problem, by allowing you to pre-write your tweets and have them scheduled to be sent out at specific user definable times throughout the day. You simply sign into Buffer (using your existing Twitter account) at their website http://bufferapp.com and you can start adding scheduled tweets right away.

You can also install a browser add on for Firefox that gives you the ability to add any web page to your Buffer account and schedule it to be tweeted out, right from within your browser. There is also a free Buffer iPhone app that allows you to do the same thing right from your mobile safari browser too. A Buffer button is also available from within your account which allows other people to buffer your web pages into their schedules too which can help increase the shareability of your pages.

There are a whole host of other add ons for Buffer, including a useful WordPress plugin that fills your buffer account with your blog posts automatically.
The free version of Buffer allows you to add 10 tweets at a time, so if you're tweeting four times a day that's about two and a half day's worth of tweets or you can sign up for their low cost monthly plan for $10 a month and stack up unlimited tweets to cover longer periods of time. The paid version of Buffer also allows you to schedule out your messages to other social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn in addition to feeding to Twitter

Buffer is a great way to drive traffic to your website or blog from Twitter on an automated basis, and still retains the ability for you to personalize the tweets to maintain the human feel to your audience. We found it not only increased the visitor rate to our website, but it also increased our twitter following too, and welcomed the time saved by scheduling our tweets.

You can get the free version of Buffer for yourself right away at http://bufferapp.com and see how much time it saves you too.
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