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How to Drive Super Targeted Traffic for Completely FREE - A Short Guide to Clickbanking

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Posted 11th April 2015 at 07:14 AM by nicolasmd2112

Hi thanks for reading. In this post i'm going to be sharing one of my #1 traffic generation methods. This method allows you to generate THOUSANDS of free visitors without losing a single penny. And best of all their targeted buyers.

What is this method called?


You may have heard of this method before, but in this post i will be going into detail and summing up information only found in top level products.

It's very simple. To make this method work you'll have to collaborate with some product vendors and soon to be released product launches. This may sound scary, but trust me, product vendors, especially first-time vendors, will jump at the opportunity to add extra value to their launch, and you'll see why in a minute.

To contact a product vendor i recommend using JVNotifyPro.com, which allows you to find JV partners and potential affiliates. You can also use WarriorForum for this. Once you find a product vendor you would like to work with (make sure that their sales page and product is legitimate) attempt to contact the vendor and ask if you may display your links on an OTO or thank you page. The link you use on these pages can almost be anything. Although i prefer a squeeze page.

Now you may be thinking, "wait, how does the vendor benefit from this?" Well, unless you and the vendor agree on splitting profits from your page, the vendor won't exactly 'directly' profit from partnering with you. He/she will indirectly profit from partnering with you by getting 'added value' to their product launch. Instead of the vendor promoting his product by advertising,"Learn how make money online with our new system." He/she can now say, "Learn how to make money online with our new system and get an added bonus." You see by partnering with the vendor, he is able to promote his product with the added value of your sales page or squeeze page. This will help with his/her conversions.

Most vendors, will allow you to do this for 100%. This is by far the best way to get traffic to your pages because every single person who visits your page will be a 'buyer'. This is the advantage to putting you page after their sales page, or as their OTO. This will, without a doubt, skyrocket your conversions.

That's pretty much it. Another thing, before you actually add your page to a vendor's product launch it would be wise to know what his/her traffic plan is. How will they be generating traffic to their sales page? If it turns out that they just plan on pasting ads on Craigslist, you may be wasting your time.

Thanks for reading,

Nicolas Martinez

P.S. Oh yeah, this method works great with WSO vendors on the WarriorForum.
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