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How to Make Easy Affiliate Commissions with YouTube

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Posted 18th April 2015 at 07:17 AM by nicolasmd2112

Hey, thanks for reading. In this post i'll be sharing my personal method for making super easy commissions with YouTube. Read till the end to learn a sure-fire way to rank any YT video #1.

They say that video marketing is the way of the future...or something like that right? Well i heard of marketing on YouTube before, but never expected to do so well with it. It does make sense after all. Video helps increases sales conversions by almost 300% (don't quote me on it), and some experienced marketers say that just by having a video on your sales page, even a crappy one, will increases your chances for a sale by staggering amounts.

Anyways, you get the point. Video marketing is essential!

Here's the process:

Step 1: Find a product to promote.

This is simple, and i assume that you already know how to do this. For the best results, promote a product with keywords that is easy to rank for.

Step 2: Create your unique video.

This is always the step that people quit on because they assume that making a video is too difficult. This is wrong. It really couldn't be easier. Depending on the product that you are promoting, you may want to create videos in different styles. For example: if you promote a sports product that makes athletes jump higher than make a video the imple steps to follow to jump higher naturally. Something like "How to Jump Higher Naturally in 3 Simple Steps," would work fine. Just make sure you include your targeted keywords in the title as well as in the description multiple times. You can record your videos with a camcorder, cellphone, actual camera, or screencast (videotape the actions on your desktop monitor screen).

Step 3: Create a unique description.

Simply put, you must write a description of at least 500 words (and your keywords at least 3-5 times) or unique content. This can be an actual video description, or this can be additional value that you add by including more tips and tricks to 'jumping higher".

Step 4: Upload and publish.

Before we actually upload, you'll need to make sure, one more time that your keywords that you're trying to rank for are actually in your description. Go ahead and upload your video file to YouTube now.

Step 5: Add likes, backlinks, and retention views.

Go to Fiverr and buy gigs for adding likes, backlinks, and retention views to your video. This will increase your videos rankings from the start.

Step 6: Drive traffic to your video.

Now this is were the elbow grease comes in. You're going to copy you YouTube videos link extension, for example: "/watch?v=zXtsGAkyeIo". You're then going to find the most watched videos in your niche, and leave video responses in the form of comments on those videos. We want to comment on videos with at least 100,000+ views, so we know that our video link will be seen. Comment on at least 5-10 videos per day. Throughout the week, you will start to see your view count, and affiliate link hits rise. Keep doing this and within 2-weeks max, you will have a commission pumping machine.

*Buying more gigs on Fiverr will increase the chance of ranking your video, which will also increase the chance for sales.

You can also drive traffic to your video through Google alerts by commenting on the videos that you receive in those alerts.

Secret ranking method:

This is a secret ranking method and as of December 2014 it still works. No doubt it will be taken down eventually so make use of it while it lasts:

It's very simple. In order to rank any YouTube video to be #1 in the search results, you need to create a new YouTube account with the keywords you are trying to rank for as the channel name. Then do the same for only video. And i say only, because this only works if you have one video. So something like "ThePaleoDietChannel" would work for your "Paleo Diet" video. Channel names like this are take every day so hurry.

Thanks for reading my blog post, if you find any information that seems to be outdated or inaccurate please let me know so i can change it. I hate keeping useless content.

Thanks again for reading,

Nicolas Martinez
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