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The Best FREE Internet Marketing Tools

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Posted 13th May 2015 at 12:25 PM by nicolasmd2112

Who doesn't like free tools? Especially when it comes to internet marketing, free tools such as these can really make a business into a easy daily practice. Here are some free tools that I use frequently and make my daily marketing tasks 100x easier...

Google Drive - Google drive is a great place to store files, create new documents and keep them stored safe for access at any time in any place.

Suprisingly enough, not many people know about the awesome potential that Google Drive has. You can host/store all kinds of file types, and their is no worry of losing these files.

A great alternative to this would be Microsoft's OneDrive. - This site is great for generating super professional box covers, ebook covers, and video case covers. All you have to do is have your images ready, then upload to their in-site software. It's super quick and super easy. & - Both of these sites are pretty similar, and if you're someone who needs free stock images for your marketing ventures then these are the places to look for some.

Also, has been known to help drive traffic. During a test run I actually was able to drive 132 visitors to my link using an image on Imgur. how did I do it? I create a meme, and when it gained popularity, it spread through the Imgur following like wildfire. All of this for free as well.

JVNotifyPro - This is one of the best places on the web to find new and upcoming product launches. This is how so many successful internet marketing are able to get ahead of the promotional game, and start marketing to their lists early on.

Skype - Another great communication tool. Popular amongst marketers, and used a lot in solo ad deals and transactions.

Google Trends - This is a great tool to find out what is popular right now in all types of markets. Global/Regional events greatly influence Google Trends, as well as marketing. During these events there is a huge opportunity to make big money.

Google Alerts - This has been used for years by marketers who want to be the first ones to promote keywords related comments. Google Alerts are commonly used to find blogs, articles, and other publications to comment on and maybe leave a backlink or two back to your own site. Success with this however, is difficult to find.

Google Keyword Planner - One of the best, most well know tools in the IM industry. If you need to know how popular a keyword is, how many monthly searches it has, or if it's even barely profitable then the Google Keyword Planner is where you go (previously known as Keyword Tool). You can also find related keywords and the competition of a specific keyword.

Twitter trends - You've seen them on the side there haven't you? Twitter trends are those hashtags that sit on the side of your Twitter page. These are pretty much keywords that are blowing up on Twitter at the moment. As a marketer, it gives you the opportunity to make some quick viral content. Twitter has been known to send hordes of visitors to a single page, just by using popular hasthags. Most only see average results, so it's up to you to make this traffic convert!,, & - These are probably the top 3 most overused link shorteners on the planet. is the only one of the three that actually tracks clicks, quite poorly however.

LinkedIn - The 2nd best business community on the web (Warrior Forum is the 1st). LinkedIn is a great place to connect with new business associates and form beneficial online connections as well as increase your network of entrepreneurs. Many MLM marketers use LinkedIn to grow their downlines, as well as stay connected with important online entrepreneurs.

*More tool to be added soon. PM me if you have one!

Thanks for reading,

Nicolas Martinez

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