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Why IM/MMO Is The Best Niche to Market In

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Posted 1st August 2015 at 01:32 PM by nicolasmd2112

What is the best niche to market in?

Simple. The MMO/IM niche, and let me tell you why.

As with the other 'evergreen' niches, the MMO niche will never lose profitability, but there is one thing that the MMO niche has over the other evergreen niches, and that is networking.

Now when i say networking, i don't mean as in Network Marketing or MLM marketing, no i mean the ability to join forces and combine minds will other marketers to see even greater results.

Some could argue that this could be said about any niche, and they're right, it can be, but only in the MMO niche do JV's, have the biggest momentum and let me tell you why.

You see unlike with other niches, there is a necessity to invest in the MMO niche. Everyone needs money. It's how society works. This is why IM differs from the other evergreen niches. Do you need that weight loss ebook to survive? Probably not. Do you need a tutorial on how to get your boyfriend or girlfriend back to survive? Probably not.

It's necessities vs. wants, and when it comes to money, money always wins. I mean who doesn't want financial freedom right?

Don't get me wrong here, each and every niche is profitable in its own way, and will be for years to come. The only difference is, especially with IM, is that Marketers from around the world know that in order to make money, you need to spend money. This is why you will hear people on the forums telling newbies to build 'Buyers' lists. Why?

Because buyers will buy, each an every time you promote something to them, because they know to get ahead of the competition and to make even more money they must invest.

I can speak for myself here and say that i invest a couple hundred dollars every 1-2 months on just knowledge alone. Each time i learn something new and, in turn, am improving my business.

This is why is the best niche to market in, because it's full of long-term investors. People who know the importance of spending money to make money for the sake of their business.

Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not saying that IM/MMO is the best niche with the intention of making it sound like "it's easy to make a quick buck in this niche", no please don't think that at all. What i'm trying to say, is that unlike the other niches, that may or may not take you up on your offer, eventually they will find what they are looking for, with or without you. At least in IM, you are surrounded by people who are just like you. Everyone needs the same things to be successful, and you know exactly what those things are.

Thanks for reading,

Nicolas Martinez

Agree, disagree? Let me know.

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