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Rules to Make a Good Web Design

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Posted 6th June 2012 at 02:42 AM by nitesh
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A good web design has now become the primary requirement of every business and so it holds true for all the present day sites. No one will want to click a website that is not built on the modern design standards. To know the standards, the website owners or web designers can also browse a great online web design library. The website owners should prefer to have a site that is catchy, edgy and competitive in the field. It does not mean to include all the 3 dimensional elements in the website but it means to design something that the users will want to click on. The web designers should follow some important rules while designing their websites.

Make catchy logos
Logos are an important part in the website design so give time in designing a logo. If you are not a designer yourself then spend both time and money to get a beautiful and original logo design concept. Hire a web designer who has a great web design library in his or her portfolio. The logos can be simple text only, both text and image or only image based. Although the simple text based logos are effective but including images will be a plus but remember to include the images created especially for the logo and stay away from using the stock images. A wonderful logo will add beauty to your website.

Color Management
Good selection of colors will make your website look modern and stylish but the wrong selection of colors may make your website look useless. If you do not have the knowledge of colors then you can also download the color management guides and improve your knowledge of the colors. You can search many such guides using the Google search.

Web design should be related to your business
This is the next most important part of designing a website. You are the seller of old cars but in your website you are showing the latest model Ferrari so you can imagine yourself that what message your visitors will get. If your business is of selling old cars then the design of your site should reflect that. Another example is if your business is of selling the high technology mobile phones and in the website design you are using the old cell phone with antenna so what message it will generate for the potential consumers. Do you think that the buyers who are looking for the high technology mobile phones will buy something from your site? Your site should use the picture of the latest Smartphone.

What should be the size of the graphics?
This factor should be kept in mind every time during the design phase of the website. Try to use the graphics that do not exceed 20KB or if you are including an advertisement then the size should be less than 50KB. In simple words, lowest is always the better. If you want to see some examples to know that what size of graphics are used in most of the well designed websites then visit an online web design library.
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