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3 Tips of Email Marketing for Flippers of Luxury Homes in the US

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Posted 17th August 2012 at 08:39 AM by nitesh

The profit in the flipping business depends on the maximum that the buyers are willing to pay. The potential buyers will be interested in your offer only when will know it. So it is important to focus on increasing the market awareness. Approaching and satisfying an already existing customer is many times easier than getting and convincing a totally new customer. To approach and satisfy the already existing customers, you should be able to contact them regularly and give them updates by some effective means of Internet Marketing. Email marketing is such an effective marketing method of Internet Marketing by which you can give regular updates to all your clients.

Not only the existing customers but you can also contact the new customers and tell them about your offer. Email marketing is something that could create the success stories for your business but it could be possible only if you follow some important tips of the email marketing method. So to use the concept of email marketing correct, read these 3 tips of email marketing for flippers of Luxury Homes in the US and apply in your plan of email marketing.

Add your customers as your friends
Send an Add friend request to all the contacts in the database of your customers list. If all the customers will be in your friends list then the online email processors such as yahoo or hotmail will remind you of some important events related to your customers such as their date of birth, and marriage ceremony etc. If you will be aware of these events then you will be able to send the greetings to them on these events. This will strengthen the buyer and seller bond between you and the customers.

Use Auto Responders for responding
If you can respond to the email send to you by the customer urgently after the email arrive your inbox then you will appear as more professional to the customers. It will be a good business move to start responding each email urgently after you see it but it is not possible to reply every email urgently because you cannot sit to read reply emails every minute of the day. So to solve this problem the concept of auto responding is used. Auto responders are the software integrated with the email service that sends an urgent message to all the emails. The content of the message depends on the email user. So you can write a general message that fits well for all the users. You can read below an example of such a message.
Thanks for the enquiry. We are going through your request and will return to you as soon as possible.

The above message is good for any type of enquiries. Writing such a message in the auto responder will make your customers feel that you are quick and responsive to their enquiries.

Make new contacts and send them your offer
There are many places on the web from where you can get the email lists of the targeted customers. After having such list, you can send a common message to everyone explaining them your offer. Make sure to send the emails one by one and not to send the emails in bulk otherwise the emails may go to the bulk or junk folder and they may not see your email. If this happens then there will be no result of your email marketing campaign. So do the email marketing carefully as advised.

Follow these 3 tips of email marketing for flippers of Luxury Homes in the US and drive thousands of thousands of visitors to your offer.
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