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2 Mistakes in Hiring the Language Translation Service Provider

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Posted 18th September 2012 at 12:31 PM by nitesh

Mistakes are possible by anyone. I can make a mistake, you could make a mistake and anyone else in the world can make a mistake but an intelligent and smart decision maker is one who learns from the mistakes and do not commit the same mistake again. Some mistakes may not do any loss but some mistakes may waste too much time and money such as the mistake in hiring the language translation services. If you are a business owner and committing this mistake then the major drawback of this wrong selection will be the valueless interaction with the customers.

The interaction will be valueless because neither the message of the company will reach to the target market correctly nor will the requirements of the target market reach to the company. Communication will lack perfection at both ends and so if you want to save your business from negative effects of this wrong selection then try to avoid the mistakes possible in hiring the providers providing the language translation services. To avoid these mistakes, you need to have the knowledge of the mistakes in hiring the trusted and capable human translators so let’s reveal the 2 common mistakes made by most project owners.

Hiring an expert by searching through Google
Some companies just do the Google search and select the service provider that shows up in the top Google pages. This is not the most reliable way of hiring because the top position of a provider in the Google does not guarantee that the provider may offer the best language translation service. The top position in the Google can only guarantee that the website owner is a good SEO expert rather than the translation service expert or the website owner may have hired an SEO expert to bring the site in the top pages of the Google. The website owner or the hired SEO expert may have tried some blackhat SEO techniques or the latest article marketing tips.

The most important things in hiring the translator is to check the samples and reputation but this cannot be done honestly if you are hiring by searching a provider by searching through Google because when you will hire an expert through Google then you will blindly believe in the promises of the translator. If the bases of your decision are just the promises of the translator then it may give rise to many problems in the project such as missing the deadline, and unexpected delivery etc. So if you are using Google as a way to find the translator then you are making a mistake so stay away from this mistake if you want good results for your project. Select your service provider only via reliable sources such as freelance sites.

Hiring without deciding the terms and conditions
It is the next big mistake that many companies make. In the hurry of finishing the project before the deadline passes, companies don’t give much importance to deciding all the terms and conditions. If the service provider does everything in time and according to the requirements then nothing goes but the matter goes worse when service provider fails to stand on his or her promises and the project owner suffers a big loss due to this. So if you are not giving the importance to decide all the terms and conditions before starting the project then it means that you are making a mistake. You should try to stay away from this mistake if you do not want any dispute or conflict in the project.

These were the 2 common mistakes in hiring the language translation service providers. Adopt all the precautions required to stay away from these mistakes.
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